Learn Chinese to work in China

Learn Chinese to work in China

Today, employers favor mobility in CVs: Spanish bosses value travel for professional purposes.
China is THE ultimate destination to demonstrate an open mind. If you are interested in a career in commerce , this expanding market is a must.
More and more Spaniards dream of learning Chinese to find employment in China.
China has become one of the favorite countries for students , with a considerable increase in departures to the country of the dragon.

Chinese universities prioritize graduates . It is therefore better to have studies: Learn Chinese to work in China

A degree in Translation and Interpreting with a specialty in Chinese, to better understand the language and its twists, as well as Asian customs.
A degree in East Asian Studies, mentioning China, for a greater knowledge of the country, both academic and scientific and focused on the commercial aspect and a Chinese vocabulary adapted to international exchanges.
Spanish universities promote exchanges between both countries: it is therefore easier to be able to stay in China and later get a job in the Asian country.
The richest businessman in China is named Rong Yiren and he owns more than a billion dollars. What if the next was you?
Then you will have to apply for a Z visa to work in China with full legality!
To gain a foothold in the Chinese labor market, certain competencies must be prioritized to be in line with the country’s areas of expertise:
Chinese tourism,
New technologies (mobiles, computers, tablets, etc.),
The videogames,
Online trading.
Having experience in one of these markets will be a value that Chinese employers will take into account very much: if you are bilingual and have a good knowledge of European and Asian trade , it will be easier for you to stand out.
To have a good command of the Confucian language, it is essential to know the Chinese accent , the Chinese traditions and the tones of Mandarin: in order to be understood by Asian commercials, or to lead a team, oral communication is essential.
If you are interested in learning this language without leaving home, do not hesitate to contact our teachers to receive an online Chinese course .

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