Learning Portuguese: So what do I do with my work life?

Learning Portuguese: So what do I do with my work life?

” What do you want to be when you grow up?

A person who speaks Portuguese well!

But to do what?

Let me explain! 

Choosing a language and learning it from scratch has its limitations, something that does not happen to the native. However, having your own language and also speaking Portuguese well will help you find a job . Taking Portuguese courses can add a lot of value to your CV.

Work in Portugal

Despite the economic crisis that has gripped the country in recent years (that is, a situation similar to that in Spain), there are many positions in the service sector, especially with regard to tourism, hospitality and restoration in Lisbon, for example. Thus, although English is good for you, speaking Portuguese is the best , because for the rest of the regions beyond the capital you will need to master the Portuguese language.

Do you dare to obtain an official Portuguese certificate?

Travel and work in Brazil

The Portuguese speaker is offered the following opportunities:

  • The visa can be temporary or permanent, but the temporary one will allow you to work for two years (with the possibility of extending it to another two).
  • If you are an entrepreneur, you can open a subsidiary, an establishment or invest in Sao Paulo, for example.
  • Your company can send you there as an employee, you can volunteer or work for a Brazilian company.

No matter what you choose or in what situation you find yourself, you will have to speak, write and understand Portuguese in its Brazilian version, but you may also need to learn the Angolan or Cape Verdean version if you are sent to Africa. Learning Portuguese: So what do I do with my work life?


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