Madden NFL 22 on PC will not have a next-gen version: EA focuses on Xbox Series X | S and PS5

Madden NFL 22 on PC will not have a next-gen version: EA focuses on Xbox Series X | S and PS5

Electronic Arts justifies its decision, but PC gamers are not happy.)

The announcement of the new video game in the Madden NFL franchise has been full of controversy. Electronic Arts presented Madden NFL 22 a couple of days ago , and showed gameplay and the news that we can find in this new installment of this American football simulator . PlayStation 5 , Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S will have a next-gen version, but PC users will not .


We are in the early stages of the new generation and we are focused on achieving the best experience on new consolesEA representativeThis information has angered a large section of the Madden NFL community that plays on PC, who do not understand why there should be a differentiation between the new generation and the compatible ones. EA has made it clear that it focuses on PS5 and Xbox Series X | S before computers, something that already happened with FIFA 21 : the game has a next-gen version for the new consoles that is not on PC .


EA has spoken about this issue in statements to the Sports Gamers Online website. “It is something that is being explored for the future . We are still in the early stages of the transition to the new generation and at this time the team is focused on achieving the best experience on new consoles before looking to update other platforms,” ​​he explained an EA representative.


Madden NFL 22

Therefore, the PC version will be the same as the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One . Electronic Arts has left the door open for this to change in the future , but everything points to the fact that in future installments of the saga the PC version will be the same as the new generation, of course. Still, we will have to be vigilant in case the developer changes her mind about the compatible version.


The reality is that Madden NFL 22 must be a turning point in the saga, since the last video games have not been up to par. These kinds of decisions do not help, of course, to get PC fans to be happy with the new title. This week we also had some curious and interesting news from EA: FIFA 21 FUT will show its cards before buying for a few days .

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