Mazamorra Puerto Rican recipe

    Mazamorra Puerto Rican recipe

    You can easily cook the mazamorra Puerto Rican recipe it’s very simple to make this recipe. To the original to be faithful 100 coconuts and we use very fine flour cinnamon. The dish Mazamorra Puerto Rican is made especially in October, this is made for the celebration of Miracles day 333. Using less fat salt and sugar here you can prepare using the majority of the recipes.

    From Cordoba for the numerous traditional dishes the name of the Mazamorra. This Orgon is very different from the origin so they differ copies.

    About the mazamorra from?

    • In the aboriginal cultures in most of the future Iberian American countries Mazamorra originated, before Columbus’s arrival. Then in the American fete tHe Christopher Columbus by the Spaniards it was known as, and in some Spanish regions to consume this kind of dish it is popular nowadays.
    • Cordoba, it’s a providence in Spanish, it’s the most traditional deserts as of the having the mazamorra has the merit of it.
    • However, on the side of the planet, this is the oust and yummiest dish, it’s famous in Argentina, Colombia, Puerto, Rico, Costa Rica, and Cuba. While you are deciding to make this dish this is a bit different depending on the different countries. For example, it’s also considered a dessert in Costa Rica and Argentina, and using corn, water, vanilla, and sugar can use these and prepared this dish, and you can add some milk in icy sometimes. In Panama similar to this recipe it’s one prepared, with the peculiarity of the small pieces of the suit and they add cinnamon.
    • It is also consumed hot in Columbia. Until the corns are turned white you can boil the corns and also well-cooked. In Puerto, preparation is also known as.
    • In Chile, with the bans, the mazamorra is prepared.
    • In Spain, this dish is made differently in this country. This dish they are also called the soup mazamorra which is also consumed cold and with this, you cannot do anything within Latin America that here.
    • As Venezuelans of this dessert, almost tHe same Cubans prepare did, and it is also known as the majority de maize in both of this country.
    • With a thick consistency it consists o an elaboration, but finer similar to that of sweet custard and also consumed oil it also.
    • In Puerto Rico, in this way it is also made, with cornstarch there are variants in some of the regions and they also sprinkle cinnamon about to enjoy it when they are.

    To make the Mazamorra how you can use the Corn

    To be tender Corn is used to make Cuban mazamorra, in cans like the ones it can never be processed corn because it’s very difficult to have the result.

    In which you cannot also use the dry corns, because in this dish the difference that makes from the tender corn grains is precisely the milk.

    Mazamorra Puerto Rican recipe
    Mazamorra Puerto Rican recipe

    Ingredients of it

    • You should use the 380 grams of the tender corn grains
    • Of the whole milk used the 500 ml
    • Of sugar 180 grams
    • ½ cinnamon stick
    • As desired Vanilla or grated lemon rind.
    • 1 pineapple
    • The juice of one lemon.

    The corn mazamorra how you can prepare

    Step 1:

    In a blender, you can put the corn grains and the milk. Until the grains are completely liquefied blend at the maximum speed.

    Step 2:

    In the pot you can put a big colander you are cocking the mazamorra aim, and do drain the mixture with a transparent cloth cover it with a remnant, and extract all the bagasse.

    Step 3:

    Of the fine mixture, the largest possible amount squeezes well so you can get it. Then, add the sugar and cool it on medium-high heat, the cinnamon, and the salt.

    Step 4;

    Until its thickness cooks it for 8 – 10 minutes, it does not stick so that moving it constantly, from lumps, or the desired consistency lose it.

    Step 4:

    No more lumps there are and when it is thick, of the heat then take it off and for 1 to 2 more minutes let it boil.

    Step 5:

    To be consumed cold then put those in the fringe and in little bowls pour portions of the mixture.


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