Minecraft Alpha 1.1.1 is unearthed, an update that only lasted three hours and has been missing for 11 years

Minecraft Alpha 1.1.1 is unearthed, an update that only lasted three hours and has been missing for 11 years

The game community strives to preserve each patch as if it were a museum.

Being a game literally built around the creativity of the user, it is clear that there are many ways to enjoy Minecraft . One of the most curious there is is to collect all the versions of the game that Mojang has published to date, a not easy task but one that the community has gladly accepted. Unfortunately, the data archaeologists behind this project stumbled upon the elusive Alpha 1.1.1 release .


That one was released on September 18, 2010, a date when the game was still receiving constant patches because it was not considered finished. As Kotaku explains , most of these updates arrived on Fridays without prior notice, except for this one: it arrived on a Saturday and it barely remained available for three hours and 25 minutes because (apart from new features such as fishing rods) it introduced a bug that grayed out the player screen, something Mojang fixed in the blink of an eye with patch 1.1.2.



In other words, only the most attentive fans were able to download the original patch in time. Among them is Twitter user lunasorcery, who at the time wrote a tweet saying “oh, Minecraft update!” while downloading the software. According to a long new thread, in these eleven years some people had contacted her to ask if by chance she could still have that version that might be Alpha 1.1.1. It was, by a whisper: it was downloaded in the last 90 seconds of the patch’s life.


The netizen explains that it had remained all these years on an external storage disk, while the Discord Omniarchive community desperately searched for the file among dead Mediafire links. “The moderators moved me to a private channel to talk about it,” he explains. “They ask me to send them the downloadable privately to verify it , and I happily listen. They confirm it: it’s real. The server explodes.” The experience of this new digital heroine clashes with the statements of Notch, the original creator of the game, who considers that Minecraft is a bit dead to the disapproval of fans and professional developers alike.


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