More blood, more excitement and more waiting: Blood Bowl 3 launches its campaign, but delayed to 2022

More blood, more excitement and more waiting: Blood Bowl 3 launches its campaign, but delayed to 2022

The single player mode will have us fight for a sponsorship against the best teams in the world of Warhammer.

If you’re looking forward to the premiere of Blood Bowl III this summer, bad news. The new installment of football, violence, blood and Warhammer will not be available in August of this year, as planned. Cyanide has taken advantage of this week’s Nacon Connect event to confirm that the final version of Blood Bowl 3 is delayed to February 2022 , without specifying the day, but in exchange they offer us a first look at the game’s campaign with this presentation trailer .


In the Blood Bowl 3 campaign, players will compete against the best teams in the Warhammer universe in a tournament to obtain a sponsor for their team . After all, sponsors are a key element in surviving in the violent world of the professional Blood Bowl. And with that, the single player mode will have us face 6 fearsome teams from the Old World, each sponsored by a different brand, who will act as an introduction to the game and its rules.


Blood bowl iii

In fact, players will be able to face the campaign with custom teams of any race, and then use them in the rest of the game’s modes, including its multiplayer. Blood Bowl 3 is based on the most recent rules of the game from Games Workshop, with new abilities and a revised passing system . This third installment will feature 12 launch races , as well as new customization options and mechanics. For example, each stadium has special rules that are activated when certain conditions are met during the match, which brings a greater level of chaos and danger to the matches.


Blood Bowl 3 will be available in February 2022, both for PC (Steam) and consoles . Yesterday’s Nacon Connect event also gave us the announcement of a new RoboCop game , as well as confirming the release date of Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown , and the presentation of the first gameplay of SteelRising , the new RPG from the creators of GreedFall.

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