neighborhoods of Porto

Who are neighborhoods of Porto

Main neighborhoods of Porto
Porto is full of points of interest, so it’s worth a visit!

Like many cities,  Porto is divided into neighborhoods, into different spaces, marked by a particular atmosphere, important monuments, or a more or less significant hotel wealth. When visiting this beautiful, romantic and warm city, sometimes we can get a little lost in front of everything it offers. Don’t worry, we are here to help you! So In this discussion, I will discuss about who are neighborhoods of Porto,

Porto can be divided into two regions: the center and the adjacent neighborhoods.

The center of Porto

Among the different neighborhoods of Porto, we find the historic center, where you can integrate into the old town, full of alleys and typical Portuguese facades.

This area, which is called  Ribeira, is adjacent to the historic center. This large circle gathers  most of the points of interest  in Porto, for example:

  • The Lello Bookstore, which inspired JK Rowling to write Harry Potter.
  • The Clérigos Tower, essential in Porto.
  • The Bolhão market, for an authentic atmosphere.
  • São Bento station and its walls full of tiles.
  • The Stock Exchange Palace (Palácio da Bolsa), the romantic monument par excellence.
  • The Ribeira pier (Cais da Ribeira), for a leisurely stroll along the Douro.
  • And many more!

Its wealth contributes to the fame of the city of Porto and leads directly to Vila Nova, one of the adjacent neighborhoods of Porto.

The adjacent neighborhoods of Porto

The Vila Nova de Gaia is the neighborhood that you find yourself crossing the famous bridge Dom Luis and includes many wineries to taste the famous and typical port wine, the  Vinho Porto.

There is also  São Nicolau, a more distant area but as interesting as the city center, where we find the Soares Dos Reis National Museum, the Crystal Palace or the Romantic Museum (for only one euro entry!).

As for  Boavista, this is a much more local neighborhood, where there are many trendy boutiques and trendy restaurants. Here you can enjoy the nightlife during your getaway!

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