Netflix and the fate of Geralt of Rivia: the Witcher shares new teaser for the second season

Netflix and the fate of Geralt of Rivia: the Witcher shares new teaser for the second season

The producer shows a new short video that leaves us with long teeth.

The Witcher (The Series) Season 2

The reality is that The Witcher fans were, for the most part, delighted with the adaptation to the small screen of the adventures of Geralt of Rivia . The first season of Netflix was a real success and has been one of the most popular series in recent times . The launch of the second season is scheduled for 2021 and Netflix continues to give us long teeth.


The American production company has shared on Twitter a new and very short video that acts as a teaser. On this occasion, Netflix gives us clues to the fate of Geralt de Rivia , who will live new adventures this season. It must be remembered that the second season of The Witcher will not have temporary jumps , something that concentrated most of the criticism of the first season, something confusing to follow at times.



The video only serves to ask us more and more questions about the series, and it has a very interesting dark air. In it, we see single images and look at Geralt, runes, The Witcher medallions, weapons, snow, and skeletons. A very brief sample, which as you can see has had a great impact on social networks. The fans really want to know more about the series.


And the good thing is that we will not have to wait too long for it, because at the beginning of July the WitcherCon will be held , an event in which in principle we will know more about the second season. The series has suffered different delays , since it was greatly affected by the pandemic caused by the coronavirus . If you want to know more, in 3DJuegos we analyze the first season and this is what we thought .

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