You may already be aware of the name “Nomorerobo.” If you do not know about Nomorerobo but want to know about it then you are at the right place. In this article, I will tell you about it in detail. So, read this article to get useful information.

    Nomorerobo is an application that is designed to stop “Robocalls” and prevent your number from getting spam robocalls and telemarketing calls. Nobody wants to be irritated or disturbed by spam robocalls and by telemarketing calls. Therefore, if you are one of those who want to get rid of spam calls then Nomorerobo can be the solution for you.

    What is Nomorerobo?

    Nomorerobo is an app or product of a company named “Telephone Science Corporation.” It is considered the best app to take action against robocalls and spam calls. It has a wonderful strategy for stopping robocalls.

    This app is designed to detect and reduce robocalls. The history of this product is wonderful. It was created in response to the “Federal Communication Commission Robocall Challenge.”FTC organized a competition in 2012 and they invite the public to make solutions against illegal robocalls. The prize of this competition was USD 50,000, which was divided among 3 winners.

    Nomorerobo was launched in the market in 2013 and get popularity since its release in the market. In the starting time, it was available for only VoIP Landline but then it expanded to a mobile app.

    Nomorerobo gives a quick and efficient way to prevent irritating robocalls and text messages. It has a strong robocall detection system and an advanced call screening system, which enables you to get rid of the robocalls that every time rings your phone and irritates you.

    How does Nomorerobo works?

    Nomorerobo is a wonderful app that helps you if you want to get rid of spam robocalls and telemarketing calls. It has strong robocall detection and screening system, which detects and block spam or robocalls by scanning a blacklist of recognized problematic and scamming phone number.

    It caught calls after the first ring, compared with the blacklist, and it blocks them if they are not legit or directed them to you if they are legit. When you activate Nomorerobo on your device, you will always hear the first ring when you get a call. If you only hear the first ring it means that Nomorerobo take the call and blocked it as spam. If your phone continues to ring, it means that the call is legit and you can receive it. If it mistakenly blocked a real person or legit call then you can add them to your “wanted call” list. This change prevents the call from the specific number from being caught or blocked by Nomorerobo.

    Nomorerobo safeguards users from spam calls and texts. It has a system to officially report spam calls and robocalls. It is convenient for people who want to get rid of annoying spam calls and robocalls. If you want to avoid spammers then Nomorerobo can be a solution for you.


    How to set up Nomorerobo

    • Go to the official website of Nomorerobo at
    • Hit the “click here to get started option”
    • Choose the landline option
    • Add your number and email
    • You will get an email with the activation link
    • Open the email and hit the activation link to activate the service on your device ‘
    • When you hit the activation link, it will redirect you to the Nomorobo website where you need to click the “Start Blocking Robocalls NOW”
    • When you activate the app on your device, it will start working properly

    What activation plans does Nomorobo offers?

    • Monthly Subscription: you need to pay $1.99 for a monthly subscription
    • Yearly Subscription: you need to pay $19.99 for an annual subscription
    • Free Trial: It offers a 14-day free trial
    • Nomorobois free for landlines

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