Online training solutions

Online training solutions

Why do sports online ?: Online training solutions

Availability: do you feel like doing cardio training at 10pm? It is possible thanks to the internet, you can follow classes online 24 hours a day!
It’s Free – Many online training videos are freely available, which is not the case for a trainer.
Variety of methods from around the world: do you want to try an American training method? You don’t need to take the plane or pay for an American sports teacher, just turn on your computer!
Follow the latest trends in sports : keep up to date with all the trends in terms of warm-up, stretching or bodybuilding exercises.
Do you lack time and money? Following exercises online may be the solution for you!
Beyond the purely technical advantages of online sport, let’s now talk about the benefits:
Get in shape and fight obesity : Do abdominal exercises or cardio training to stay in shape and lose weight.
A practice in total safety : be careful to choose your videos and online training methods well so as not to injure yourself by following the instructions correctly.
Improve hygiene of life : Increase your resistance and improve your nutritional contributions. Sport also increases the feeling of well-being and improves the quality of sleep.
We recommend two free sites that offer numerous exercises for weight loss, fitness or mass gain: and Try them and choose!
Be careful, do not believe that online and real training are the same.
In the first case, you are a passive athlete , you only run, while in the second case, you can exchange with your teacher , ask him and make your exercises progress according to your goals with him.
But of course, that has a cost!

Best Online Personal Training Videos: Online training solutions

Personal trainers follow the trend of digitization and use YouTube. Many Youtubers teach sports classes online.
The Street Workout trend , a fitness program with street furniture, has met with great success thanks to YouTube. Young New Yorker Hannibal for King has popularized this discipline and became an online fitness trainer without even realizing it.
The Street Workout professional.
However, you have to be careful and pay attention . Most of the “trainers” we find on YouTube are neither trained nor qualified.
Learn about the possible dangers of certain exercises before doing them through YouTube. Take care with abdominal and pectoral exercises so as not to hurt your back, for example.
Always keep your physical condition in mind before launching into fitness training with YouTube.
Here are some of  the best videos you can follow :

For abs : are you motivated? This video proposes 10 minutes of sit-ups with which to avoid hurting your back. Come on, cheer up!

Bodybuilding : follow Luís Alberto Pérez who proposes a series of exercises to work shoulders, trapezius or pectorals.

Intense cardio and fitness : If you want to lose weight, burn calories and get fit, visit GymVirtual to follow this 30-minute program.
We recommend three YouTube channels that you can follow:
GymVirtual : you will find exercise routines with detailed instructions to work the whole body without having to leave the house.
Be Fit: You will find everyday videos made by stars like Jane Fonda and programs with 30-day goals.
Fitness Portal : Fitness videos to be shared for free with the international fitness community.
Can you do sports at home and from a distance?
Playing sports at home has several advantages , starting with the fact that you don’t have to travel. Either with your personal trainer or to follow an online class, simply put on your sportswear to build muscle in your living room.
In the case of an at-home personal trainer, you have no choice! Contrary to a subscription in a gym, where it is easy to get discouraged and not go, the coach comes to your house, so you will not be able to back down.
You can use the interior of your apartment to play sports easily. We advise you to follow Kellen Lemos on Instagram. Propose short fitness sessions that make up your furniture.
Follow Kellen Lemos’ short programs to exercise wherever you want.
If you’re really motivated , online fitness training is just as effective as a gym trainer or an at-home personal trainer. It is even more effective if you can measure your results with the help of connected objects and applications, for example.
If, on the other hand, you think that you are going to quit after three sessions, you will have to think about joining a gym or following a real workout!

What are the most popular sports programs?

In addition to those that we have mentioned above, we can also propose:
Erwann Menthéour : former cyclist turned fitness trainer. It offers an online program that ranges from sports to relaxation and diet on the Fitnext page.
Coach Club : more than 1000 hours of classes in videos!
Body Time : this channel has more than 700,000 subscribers and presents varied workouts with various exercises (especially for women, buttocks and abdominals, etc.).
Best Running Apps
As everyone knows, there are many applications available on your Smartphone to accompany you while you run.
All have diverse and varied functions that allow you to control various data about your body.
We mainly find the same options in all of them: distance traveled, average time per kilometer, GPS location with your route in detail, tracking and the details of your activity.
The 5 best applications to run in our opinion after having tried them are the following: NIKEPLUS, RUNKEEPER, RUNTASTIC, PUMATRAC, FREELETICS RUNNING.
In summary:
The mobile applications allow you to continue training programs and store your personal data to improve your performance.
Playing sports online is cheaper than with a real personal trainer.
Be careful! Not all online trainers have a diploma or do the exercises to tone up or have a flat stomach correctly. This can be dangerous and cause injury.
You need to be very motivated to play sports at home.

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