Rainbow Six: Extraction will not be a threat to Siege but rather an add-on, Ubisoft trusts

Rainbow Six: Extraction will not be a threat to Siege but rather an add-on, Ubisoft trusts

The cooperative shooter will arrive this year on PC and consoles, recovering characters and mechanics from R6S.

During E3 2021, Ubisoft formally introduced Rainbow Six: Extraction , a cooperative experience that builds on the operators and mechanics we’ve seen in Rainbow Six: Siege and even adds a few formulas in their own handwriting. Those responsible are not scared by the idea that the novelty factor could damage the popularity of their competitive shooter, yes.


“They are very different games that offer their own challenges and rhythms, so there are no concerns with that subject, rather the opposite,” says Patrik Méthé, creative director of the game, in an interview with GameSpot. “Since [Extraction] is built on a PvE foundation, we are confident that it will attract a wide variety of players from both sides.”


Rainbow Six: Extraction

To illustrate this idea, the creative talks about competitive players who could potentially be attracted to this new PvE aspect: “If Siege players decide to tackle [Extraction] at its maximum difficulty level , it will offer a challenge equivalent to or greater than what they are used to it. It will be interesting to see how they manage to deal with these very advanced challenges. “


Rainbow Six: Extraction will be available on September 16 on PC and consoles of the eighth and ninth generation, as an evolution of the Outbreak event starring an evolved form of the virus that we saw in that one. I had the chance to play it this month and share my impressions with 3DJuegos readers: frankly, it was a challenging experience worth trying.


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