Receive Chinese classes in the Spanish metropolis

Receive Chinese classes in the Spanish metropolis

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“A language that is not taught is a language that dies”
Whether you live in Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Zaragoza or even in Seville; You can learn Chinese from a professional teacher.
Chinese culture has a lot to teach us: martial arts, calligraphy or even its cuisine, China’s cultural resorts are attracting more and more Spaniards. Despite this, many times our dear compatriots are held back by not mastering the Asian language.
However, the Lao Tseu language is available to everyone; Despite having a reputation for being a difficult language, Chinese is simpler than it sounds.
The key is to choose a school accompaniment that suits your needs. School establishments, language centers or private classes; the metropolises have diverse linguistic structures suitable for perfecting the language level of their students.
Dear inhabitants of the great metropolises of the Peninsula, discover what are the educational structures to learn Chinese in your city.

Learn Chinese in Madrid: Receive Chinese classes in the Spanish metropolis

The Community of Madrid is the region that houses the most residents of Chinese nationality.
In 2014, it was around 50,000!
The Chinese community in the capital has been consolidated little by little by migratory currents from the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century to the present day.
Although it is true that the Chinese have settled in Madrid in a very dispersed way, the neighborhood commonly known for its Chinese population is undoubtedly the Usera neighborhood of the capital.
The demand for the teaching of Mandarin has grown exponentially in the last five years and there are already 29 public schools and institutes in the region that offer it as an extracurricular activity. Another 19 private or subsidized centers include it as a curricular subject: Chinese counts as much as the classical subjects Mathematics or History. In total there are 11,000 Madrid students studying the ancient language of symbols, at first glance, impossible.

Among other schools that offer Chinese in their curriculum are:

International School of Madrid: In this center the curriculum is in English, but it offers the possibility of learning Chinese as an extracurricular activity, as well as French and German.
Runnymede College: This British curriculum college offers Mandarin Chinese classes from “year 1”
King’s College: They offer Chinese classes both in their centers in La Moraleja and in Soto de Viñuelas
European Lyceum: This school is in the «Top three» of the El Mundo ranking, and has been offering Chinese classes for its students since the 2008-2009 academic year.
Mastering Chinese will help you discover hidden corners when you travel to China
If you want to learn a language that has more than 6000 years of history in a Madrid language center, you can go to:
Asia Languages , this language center specialized in teaching Chinese has classes for children, youth, adults and companies. It has several locations in the Spanish capital and there is no better way to learn Chinese than with its staff of native teachers. You dare?
Bunkyo , located on Calle Valverde in Madrid, is a Chinese and Japanese center that offers Mandarin Chinese courses for all levels. They also offer you the possibility of knowing what your level of language is from one of their teachers.
China Cultural Center in Madrid : located on Calle General Pardiñas, it is a center specifically designed to address everything related to Chinese culture and language. It has all levels from beginner to advanced and is open to all ages: children, youth and adults. Why don’t you come over to ask?
There are also some official language schools that teach Chinese, such as the Jesús Maestro Official Language School.
If you prefer to opt for private classes, the average price is about € 21
Whether you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced level: you can find an establishment that teaches you Chinese in Madrid according to your expectations.

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