Relic seed | All you need to know

    Relic seed | All you need to know

    Relic Seeds have the experience of more than 20 years of this cannabis growing & breeding experience, to streamline established Relic needs to establish his genetic salvation efforts and also share collected heirlooms, with the future generations to come and the unique CBD varieties. At a rapid rate disappearance of the gene pool becoming diluted amidst much of the gene pool, at a global level the cannabis community there has been corners. Like the G13, Haze, Charlotte’s Web, and Cough of the classic strains in the preservation of the Relic Seeds specializes. Of the Dynasty Genetics fame created by professors. Relic seed | All you need to know

    SICNE LAUNCHING THE Relic seeds, around the globe from fellow preservations camaraderie huge support we have experienced. In the pre-legalization era after genes with collectors of some of the most sought.

    What’s the purpose of the Relic?

    I’m religious, from the pars of religious significance a relic is an object or article. As a tangible memorial for the veneration of the saint or venerated person preserved on the personal effects it usually consists of the physical remains.

    Also, discuss the Relic three classes.

    The Relic seed is also classified into three categories. For a saint, a body part is a first-class relic, such as blood, bone, or flesh. A saint-owned relics are possession second-class relics are possessions, and to a first or the second class relic, this class relics are objects that have been touched or also the saint has touched him or herself.

    Compared to other seed companies Relic seeds are more than these, with the utmost transparency and the integral approach it’s a crusade in preserving the cannabis gene pool.

    Discuss the Charlotte’s Web X Ring’s Gift

    In hitch have the high CBD and low THC

    20; 1 – 30; 1

    Personal in or about it.


    With the proven medicinal properties across the globe that have helped many people, it’s a legendary high CBD cultivar Charlotte’s Web. To the progeny on high yield are passed.


    For the sexual and chemo typical stability of work selectively breeding form over three years Rings Gift F3 male. Form a very large population this meal has been sleeved and out of the Glenpool had the most massive flower clusters. All of his offspring’s high CBD & Low THC phenotypic traits are dominant.


    With its incredible healing properties, Charlotte’s Gift is an amazing cultivar, for epilepsy, autism, anxiety, chronic, pain, and more useful for many conditions. Of all skill levels seeking a rich CBD plant for the growers high yielding and fast blooming qualities. For the indoors, greenhouse, or outdoors easy growing is suitable. To many pathogens and many pests, Charlotte’s Gift is extremely resistant, of the 45th parallel for growing mirth which has been great.

    • Charlotte’s Web x Grapefruit F2


    Charlotte’s Web x Grapefruit Web F2

    Personal info:


    With the proven medicinal properties, Charlotte’s web Mon is a legendary high CBD cultivar across the globe that has helped people. On to the progeny, 7-8 week bloom time and high yield are passed.


    From the Solow from seeds gifted Grapefruit F2 male was selected by our dear friend, from the original F1s who made F2S. High terpenes and a larger yielder this particular male, very ways hybrids which make.

    Description of it.

    Of massive proportions producing enormous colas, of a plant Grapefruit Web, v1 is beast. On the terminal buds, stakes are certainly required considering. With this lady as weeks are common Bloom times as fast. In this gene pool, the high terpene is across the board. Of the sweet & sour grapefruit smells and flavors, of the antiseptic a subtle and mango.

    • Lemon Chisel


    Oregon Lemon Diesel x Exodus Cheese Bx1

    Relic seed
    Relic seed

    Parental inform


    In extracts to grow and stunning that is breeze Lemon Diesels is a fast blooming lady. As her rapes flower time, the offspring of her terpenes carry over smells and flavors.


    The exodus cheese with the legendary using a stunk #1 in conjunction with this area was made by using this. To the cheese Mon, the selected male was then backcrossed. One dank cheese stank while passing he touches and tames the wildest genes this male stabilizes everything.


    For more keeps, you coming back and in which the essence of the pure nostalgic lemons, diesel, and cheese, grapefruit Ave., for the beginner’s growers it have the good yielding, fast maturing plants that made it ideal. Hearty branching with the manageable stretch expert stocky plants, to minimize training and staking which help. Into your life with this lovely specimen get some lemon cheesy gas.

    • Sister Relic seed | All you need to know:

    On the old release Mr. Nice Sister Nice is a spin, and then the mother with the much larger yields an extremely vigorous hybrid and the dad more intense effect. From acorns, butterscotch, coffee dark chocolate, and the expected flavors/smells ranging of the Chamomile.

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