Remarketing: should I apply it in my business?

Remarketing: should I apply it in my business?

These are the reasons why many ecommerce uses remarketing on their website and why it is worth using it in your strategy.

Remarketing: should I apply it in my business?


According to Google , remarketing is a way to connect with people who previously interacted with your website or mobile app. In other words, a way to attract all those people who have already interacted with it to your website. Very useful and used in digital marketing for ecommerce sites, but in reality it is also quite demanded by other websites that have the purpose of offering an online service. 

Remarketing also allows you to strategically place ads on other web pages, to attract people while they are browsing the Internet. Sometimes, depending on the actions taken by the person, remarketing can be defined by the specific searches of those users. Although Google generally sees value in direct actions, as they have already interacted with your page before. In this way, it can be said that remarketing helps to improve the recognition of your brand and in turn invites users to return to finalize a purchase or action.

Types of Remarketing 

To know if you should apply remarketing in your ecommerce, you must first know a little about each of those that apply, in addition to finding out about their benefits. According to wishpond , 46% of SEO professionals state that remarketing is the most widely used online marketing technology. And its effectiveness may be due to these other data: 30% respond positively, 59% neutral and only 11% show a negative response. What provides a high range of acceptance, and among them we can find: 

✔ Dynamic remarketing : Dynamic remarketing is where products or services are shown to the user, in the format of advertising ads, after having previously visited your website. Did it ever happen to you? That you were buying in your favorite online store and when you leave, offers from the visited site begin to arrive. This is known as dynamic remarketing and it is like buying a space that only works when they have already had contact with your page. 

✔ Search and / or display remarketing Traditional search remarketing is the one that shows ads to previous visitors while they continue their search for what they need in search engines like Google, this after leaving your website. It means that they are those ads that you see in search engines that refer to previously visited sites. 

✔Remarketing para aplicaciones móviles: Conocido también como retargeting para apps, es el remarketing que muestra campañas de pago por clic es las aplicaciones móviles. Esas que estamos tan acostumbrados a consumir a diario, y que las aplicaciones usan para dar una breve demostración de funcionalidad a los usuarios que buscan App similares a la suya o hayan realizado una búsqueda relacionada a la aplicación. También puede verse, cuando desinstalas una aplicación y esta busca atraer de nuevo a descargarla.

✔ Video remarketing: It is the one that is done mostly on YouTube, when the user has already seen one of your videos or has interacted with your channel. When moving to another video, videos related to yours will be shown, even if they change from video to another. Google Console explains that there are specific types of remarketing lists on YouTube, and that these are designed to help show your ads to users who specifically watched your videos on YouTube at a certain time. To do this, just start by linking YouTube channels to Google Ads and create a special remarketing list for YouTube. 

✔Remarketing by distribution list: This remarketing is done from customer data, this data correctly segmented, helps you to have information from the data that the same customers provided. In this way, when these people access Google searches, they will see ads in the different Google spaces.

Advantages of using remarketing on your website

Remarketing can be used to improve engagement, brand recognition, drive sales, and even increase leads. It is a strategic resource of automated marketing that is worth taking into account for the strategy and also provides many advantages:

➤Greater reach: Remarketing can show ads to people who were on your page, but also to all those who had been looking for information about services like the one you offer. Allow your ads to have a greater reach and reach more people who were possibly looking for it.

➤It allows specific audiences to see you: Remarketing allows you to do targeted advertising, with it you can create a database with specific information that is dedicated, for example, to people who were on your page and abandoned the cart. Those clear specifications are part of the success of applying it. 

➤ You can do it only for devices: Today content is largely consumed by devices. Remarketing allows you to create a list for people who only search from a mobile phone and guide the strategy to mobile applications, without the need for them to search in Google. Because you can reach audiences with more specific actions. 

➤Allows you to make your offers more visible: By applying remarketing to your campaigns or special offers, you can increase their performance. Also doing it is very easy and you can combine your campaigns with different types of remarketing. In this way, better distribute the advertisements of your products and services. 

➤ Strengthen recognition : Remarketing helps you rescue people who have already been to your page once, making sure to tell them that you are still there for them. In this way, rescue those who only left by mistake and recover a possible lead or sale. The memory of your visitors that can later become customers, works as an intelligent advertising and that can give you better results than the traditional repetitive one, because unlike what is done in conventional media, this only focuses on very specific actions of the users. 

By applying remarketing on your website, platforms such as Google Console allow you to view campaign statistics and have the performance report of each of your campaigns. In this way, you can optimize as many times as you want, because in addition to showing you the places where your ads are displayed, it shows you the price you pay for them.

Steps to apply remarketing on your website

The first thing you should know is that remarketing works like SEO, it may be slower is to provide results. And also, you must have a list created, the size of a remarketing list will largely depend on the number of visits your website has. So the first step is to determine what is the organic traffic of your website. 

Next, verify that the traffic you are receiving is qualified. Of course, you can do this by testing different types of SEM campaigns, if your website is new. If you already have a number of visitors, the step will be to extract them with all their details: what they see the most on your website, the content that is most consumed and the time they stay. SEO is not far from this, because for websites that work with organic positioning, remarketing is your best ally. 

1.Create an audience after having all the data mentioned above.

2.Then access your Google Adwords account and create your remarketing list. 

3. Next, add a remarketing tag to your site and each of the pages within your website. This code tells Google Ads that it can add each user who visits you to the list.

4.Then add that remarketing list created to your campaigns and ads. 

5. and voila! As an extra piece of information, for Google you must have at least 1000 cookies to start using it. 

With remarketing, you can also set bids for keywords used by people who recently visited your website. You can also make it more specific for those who made a conversion in another period of time and were customers in another opportunity. How? Setting bids for keywords more intended only for people who have previously made purchases on your site.

Is it worth using remarketing in my business?

Yes, it is definitely a very good option to apply it on your website and more so if it is an ecommerce. Because normally the consumer does not go directly to a page to make a purchase, but instead walks through several options to decide and the web that understands that, will be able to gain a significant advantage. But it is recommended that before venturing you study your visitors very well. 

And that you understand that success is in the clarity of the lists, so the more specific the better. If you want to do remarketing on YouTube, you should create a list especially for this channel, taking into account the actions that the user could have on this platform.

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