Resident Evil 8 Village Updates on PC and Resolves DRM Performance Issues

Resident Evil 8 Village Updates on PC and Resolves DRM Performance Issues

Additionally, support for AMD’s FidelityFX Super Resolution is added.

Resident Evil 8: Village found itself at the center of controversy last week after it became known that its legal version of PC performed much worse than pirated copies because of the protection measures (DRM) used. We are talking about very pronounced FPS drops in certain situations, with differences of more than 70 FPS due to stuttering, as the Digital Foundry technical analysis made clear. And after acknowledging the problems, Capcom has delivered on its promise: the new patch that improves the performance of RE Village on PC is now available.


Of course, still do not cast the bells to the flight. Capcom has not removed Denuvo protection from the game, nor the other DRM measures they use. They have simply fixed the problems that had with its implementation, causing the irregular performance on PC: “Made adjustments to optimize anti-piracy technology” , they state in the patch notes of the Steam version.



Along with this, the new Resident Evil 8: Village patch introduces support for AMD’s new FidelityFX Super Resolution , a rescaling technology to improve gaming performance at high resolutions without compromising graphics quality. Digital Foundry has not yet commented on this patch, but the first performance benchmarks on YouTube show a clear improvement in FPS after installing it.


The latest installment of the Resident Evil saga hit stores last May , with a very good reception from fans: Resident Evil 8 has already sold more than 4.5 million games and does not stop, available both in PC like PS5, PS4, Xbox Series, Xbox One, and Stadia. A delivery that will also receive new DLC by popular demand , Capcom announced in the past E3 2021. If you have not yet entered the town of Lady Dimitrescu and company, here is our analysis of Resident Evil 8: Village .

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