Satyr oil recipe | See complete detail about it

    Satyr oil recipe | See complete detail about it

    To laid quickly you can use the infamous Stayer recipe. You can make this recopy differently because they are made in different ways. A synthetic must it does have, an amount that no getting. Tsi is a perfume for the mines while ritually crafted the Styr oil. In 2010 I first created this oil recipe. On the internet it has since been shared numerous times, to make tHe row oil blend among witches who like it. To obtain too hard that is either the original recipe requires ingredients or no longer exists, so for finding a lover that is meant to re-creating this oil here err have a modern-day equivalent. For lust spells, this oil worked great. Satyr oil recipe | See complete detail about it

    As a half goat Romans and the Satyr was eh Greek, for its erotic and playful nature for the creature known. Of the seduction and attraction for its powers, this mythical creature was known. By Aleister Crowley the original was created, to create a very animal scent when he combined civet musk, and ambergris to create a very animal scent that he called “Ruthbah”. For the men as a great aphrodisiac the red satyr Oil works. On the ritual candle burning and the self-use this oil sparingly. Because eat was Mars, Mercury association, a lover it will attract, female or male wither, so this oil in tHe spell work, to obtain that you want about what results be specific. To you to bring or attract the intent of this satanic magical oil.

    With an undertone of cinnamon, red Satyr Oil is a bold herbal scent. Of the vanilla, the sweet aroma to this is added of passion the cinnamon is the fire, to masculinity and the roman god mars natural aphrodisiacs related, with the vanilla and combines, related to the mercury, to enable smooth communication stimulating aroma and as a soothing, and lavender, related to Mercury, comfort and that endears trust earthy scent. To increase eh attraction as a focus all of these things are used interest and receptivity.

    The mister elf was is not too sweet or flowery; of the cinnamon, the fiery quality heel bringing it is balanced and subtle. Without being too strong and it is empowering. To obtain to help you east you desire all of these qualities you can add.

    With Mars it’s on a Tuesday this oil should be made. Of vitamin e oil begins with a base, for alter to store if you want perhaps ½ ounces, and of Vanilla 4 drops add to this, and of the cinnamon 3 drops, and the Lavender 2 drops. With the animal scents if you like working to the mix if you like working to add that you are free and this recipe uses no animal musk. In spell work if necessary or use immediately store this in an airtight jar.

    Of your target to think it is appropriate while you mix these oils, and of your internet to think. While you create your oil as you do this, with your magic your oil will be empowered. Or consecrate it afterward no need to charge it. On the candles to use it, on your intent while you focus anoint the candle; for it fiery Mars association a red candle worked best.

    Drinks with Satyr

    • Frisky
    • Ingenious
    • Indulgent

    Satyr Long


    • 0, 2 l gals
    • 2 cl Satyr
    • 0, 15 l apple juice or cider
    • Crushed ice


    • In a glass put crushed ice
    • n0065t you add 2 cl Satyr
    • With the apple juice top-up glass.

    Panorama – cocktail with Satyr


    • 0, 3 l glass
    • 2 cl Satyr
    • Cal red beet juice
    • 1 squirt of lime
    • Filler ½ apple juice (or cider) + ½ soda
    • 5-6 ice cubes


    1. With the Satyr put the ice cubes in the glass, a squeeze of lime and red beet juice
    2. Fill glass half was int eh apple juice
    3. Stir
    4. With the soda water top up the glass.
    5. Of the red beat thin slice with a Garnish, set the gals on the rim cut into a desired.

    Satyr Gluhweinh:

    Satyr oil recipe
    Satyr oil recipe


    • 5 BCL Satyr
    • 0, 7 l Beaujolais or similar lecithin, fruity red wine
    • 1 large apple, finely chopped
    • 1 large orange, cut into small pieces.
    • 1 spoon raisins
    • 1 anise star
    • 1 stick cinnamon
    • 1 clove
    • 2- 3 tablespoons brown sugar

    Preparation of it:

    • Into a pot with a lid pour the wine
    • Add the apple, orange, raisins, anises, anise start, cannon stick, and clove.

    (In some sops are wales available mulled wine spices)

    To a simmering heat, stirring occasionally

    Of brown sugar, as required add 2-3 tablespoons and over low heat let the wine simmer for about 15 minutes with the lid closed.

    • Removes from heat in 50 ml Satyr. Ready to serve.


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