Scars Above wants to be your new favorite RPG action game: 8 minutes of gameplay to convince you

Scars Above wants to be your new favorite RPG action game: 8 minutes of gameplay to convince you

The game is coming to PS5, Xbox SeriesX | S and PC and belongs to Prime Matter, Koch Media’s new label.

At the Summer Game Fest event, Prime Matter was presented in society , a new publishing label from which a dozen games will soon be born, which were only seen for a moment in the framework of the Koch Primetime event of Koch Media. One of them was Scars Above and now we can see the first details of the game thanks to an extensive gameplay that its developers have published.


Its authors promise a challenge and a story that accompanies the interest of the adventureIn case you’re not following him, Scars Above is an adventure and science fiction proposal focused on action and exploration. Kate Ward is the protagonist of the game, a scientist who has been stranded on an alien planet where she will have to survive numerous hostile environments. “It takes the basic elements of the genre, such as the rewarding feeling of overcoming difficulty, and combines them with a fascinating and intricate story,” say its authors.


Scars Above

Mad Head Games, members of the new label Prime Matter of Koch Media, have published a video with gameplay lasting more than 8 minutes, in which we can get an idea of ​​what a game that draws from several similar works of the genre has in store for us . In the sequences that are inserted we can see the action in the third person facing all kinds of creatures, with a style typical of RPGs. But we can also see that there will be room for investigation, solving some of the events that occur in the place.


Between cartwheeling and cartwheeling of the protagonist, we still do not know what the release date of Scars Above is, but it will arrive on PS5, Xbox Series X | S and PC .

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