Senior Technician in Dietetics and Nutrition

Senior Technician in Dietetics and Nutrition

description: Senior Technician in Dietetics and Nutrition

Graduated professionals work as dietetic and nutrition technicians, food manager in catering companies, food hygiene technician, food consultant. or health educator . 

With the Higher Technician in Dietetics training you will be fully prepared to take the  free Professional Training tests  and get the official title.

course objectives: Senior Technician in Dietetics and Nutrition

This preparatory course for obtaining the Official Title of Professional Training of Higher Degree in Dietetics addresses the following topics:

  • Organize and manage, at their level, the work area assigned in the unit / cabinet.
  • Prepare and supervise diets adapted to individuals and groups, according to their nutritional needs.
  • Prepare and supervise diets adapted to patients and groups, according to their specific pathology.
  • Control and supervise the qualitative composition of food to determine its hygienic-dietetic quality.
  • Supervise the conservation, handling and transformation of food for human consumption.
  • Promote the health of people and the community through food education, through health promotion and education activities.

job opportunities: Senior Technician in Dietetics and Nutrition

Once your course is finished you will be able to work as:

  • Technician in Dietetics and Nutrition.
  • Dietitian.
  • Responsible for food in catering companies.
  • Food Safety Technician.
  • Food consultant.
  • Health educator.

You will be able to work both in primary care and in general health promotion services. Also in the hotel, restaurant and food industries sectors.


With this course you will be able to prepare yourself to pass the direct or official adult tests called by the different Ministry of Education. To do this, you will learn the fundamental theoretical knowledge to successfully pass the tests of each module. With the passing of the official face-to-face tests of FP you will obtain the official title of Superior Technician in Dietetics .

previous requirements

In order to access a medium degree cycle, you must meet one of the following requirements:

– Be in possession of the title of Compulsory Secondary Education or a higher academic level.

– Be in possession of a Technician or Auxiliary Technician title

– Have passed the second year of the Unified and Polyvalent Baccalaureate (BUP).

– Have passed the compulsory modules of an initial professional qualification program (PCPI)

– Having passed the specific training course for access to intermediate level cycles in public or private centers authorized by the educational Administration.

– Have passed the entrance exam to intermediate level training cycles .

– Have passed the university entrance exam for people over 25 years of age .

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