Some essential information to study in France

Some essential information to study in France

During your trip to France, you will be able to enjoy its excellent gastronomy!
Doing a linguistic stay in France also implies  adapting to another country and other customs .
First of all, keep in mind that you will surely have to take a  language test  to enter a university. In France, French is spoken, even at university. Few offer classes in English.
Another thing you have to keep in mind is that the standard of living in France is 25% higher than in Spain . The average salary in France is € 3,200 gross, so it is normal for things to be a little more expensive.
In addition, France is known for its refined manners and friendliness , so feel free to treat people you just met with yourself. Feel free to use some courtesy phrases, such as Monsieur, Madame, S’il vous plaît or Je vous en prie .
In France, you will also have to  get used to gastronomy . Each region has its specialties, but there is one constant: cheese. Bread, duck or goose meat and creams or purees are also often very present on the tables of most houses and restaurants in France.
Meals are usually made two hours earlier than in Spain , so lunch is around 12:00 and dinner around 19:00. Stores also close earlier than in Spain. Shops are generally open from 9:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. (Tuesday to Saturday).
Finally, enrollment fees in France are low because the State covers most of the costs of accessible training in public higher education institutions. Good news!
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Finding accommodation to study in France: Some essential information to study in France

Whether in an apartment, a youth hostel or a foster home, there are many possibilities to live in France when you are a student!
Whether you are leaving after high school, pursuing your university studies or doing professional training, studying in France involves a crucial issue : accommodation.  Sure, how are you going to study abroad and learn a language without being able to  live in the place?
Student life also involves these kinds of aspects that will make you be a Frenchman, and live like a local!  Like everywhere else, there are many ways to stay in France, depending not only on the city you are in, but also on your wishes or  your budget.
The university residences is one of them. This solution has the advantage of staying  on the campus  of your host university. For less adventurous students, this solution is ideal! In addition, staying on a university campus allows you to immerse yourself  in student life,  to integrate to the fullest!
In France, public residences are usually quite cheap , which makes them in high demand and difficult to find a place in one of them. The price can be around € 150 per month , but in some cases the kitchens, showers and bathrooms are shared. They are awarded based on economic criteria and priority is given to scholarship holders or students whose socioeconomic conditions give them priority to access these residences.
There are also many private university residences . The size of the rooms can be larger and the common spaces are usually more comfortable, some have a gym and other amenities for students such as cafeteria and laundry. They are more expensive than the previous ones and their prices vary greatly depending on the city in which they are located, but they can be between € 200 and € 600 per month.
In France,  one of the least expensive alternatives  when you are a student is to share a flat. For € 200 to € 400 a month , you can enjoy a local French community, and sometimes even student, depending on the neighborhood where you live. Think about it!
There is also the option of hostels, very cheap for a short period, but can become expensive  if you stay for several months. For € 10 to € 20 per night (between € 300 and € 600 per month), you can stay in a single room, in a double room or in a shared room, with sometimes few amenities, but that may surprise you depending on the establishment!
On the other hand, living with a host family , in a typical French house, in addition to being very inexpensive, allows you to fully enjoy  the  local culture . The negative point is that you have little freedom , due to the rules imposed by the family in question. Thus, living with a French family is ideal if you prepare for exams, for example.
And, finally, you can obviously rent an apartment, which will allow you, despite being a little more expensive than the other solutions, to enjoy French life like a true Parisian or Lyonnaise. Depending on whether you use an individual or an agency, the prices will be higher or lower. Some essential information to study in France

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