Study in Portugal

Study in Portugal

Learning Portuguese by yourself in front of the screen can be difficult! To learn all about Study in Portugal. 

Do you want to learn Portuguese by studying in Portugal? You have to take Portuguese classes first because Portuguese universities ask their candidates to pass an entrance exam to check their language level. Study in Portugal

A beginner level may not be enough to enroll in a Portuguese university, considering that the classes are taught in Portuguese. Try to reach at least an intermediate level to integrate and better follow the classes of your career.

If you are determined to go to Portugal for a term, a semester or a university year, you can obtain financial aid through various scholarships, starting with the Erasmus scholarship .

To request it, it is best to do it one year in advance by contacting the International Relations Department of your university. Talk to your teachers, you will need a recommendation letter from two of them.

Then you will only have to enroll directly at your destination university. The admission conditions vary from one to another, so it is better that you inform yourself directly in the administration of the establishment in question.

The  Erasmus scholarship covers the student’s tuition fees in Portugal and entitles them to a monthly scholarship of around € 180. But you can get other financial aid from the Government, La Caixa, etc. Find out about all of them! Study in Portugal


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