The Arabic learning centers in Barcelona

The Arabic learning centers in Barcelona

Barcelona also has an excellent educational offer and if you have decided to learn Arabic, Barcelona opens its doors to educational centers of excellent quality.
To learn literary and dialect Arabic , we offer you a compilation of both public and private centers.
Several establishments in Barcelona offer teenagers to learn the Arabic language.
Here is a list of the main places that offer Arabic classes in Barcelona:
AlQantara Institut (Calle Pelai 7, 2n. A – Tel. 933 172 239)
Cadmus Escola d’Arab Barcelona (Gran Vía 617 – Tfn. 933 191 868)
Official School of Languages ​​of Barcelona (Avenida Drassanes, 14 – Tfn. 933 249 330)
University of Barcelona (Gran Via de les Corts Catalanes, 585 – Tfn. 934 021 100)
Euro Arab Center of Catalonia (Passeig Sant Joan, 26 3r 2a – Tel. 932 454 915)

Study Arabic at the University of Barcelona: The Arabic learning centers in Barcelona

You can also study Arabic at the University of Barcelona. However, you better memorize the letters of the Arabic alphabet first to make it easier for you to acquire vocabulary.
The UB offers you different alternatives when it comes to learning Arabic. Everything will depend on your needs and goals.
Summer courses, four-month courses or something more serious, the Degree in Arabic and Hebrew Studies.
Are you interested? So, go in person to the University of Barcelona or visit their website where they will inform you of the different options available for your learning Arabic. Superprof has put together a summary for you with the essential information.

Arabic course

Place: School of Modern Languages

Level: Beginner
Course period: First or second semester.
Face-to-face modality
CEFR level A1 and A2 course
At the end of the course you will receive a Certificate of achievement of Language Services . It is an online course based on the Rosetta Stone self-study method
Degree in Arabic and Hebrew Studies
It belongs to the branch of Arts and Humanities and has a total of 240 credits. Goals:
Know and use, orally and in writing, the Arabic and Hebrew languages, as well as write Aramaic and know a third language, using linguistic and literary methods and new technologies, in order to train professionals in a wide range of specialties.
Understand and critically analyze fundamental literary texts of the languages ​​studied. Know fundamental aspects of the Arab, Islamic and Jewish cultures, as well as the main institutions, historical facts and the most significant lines of thought.
Assess the relevance of Arab-Islamic culture in al-Andalus and Jewish in Sepharad. Know the great social issues of our time from the diversity and values ​​of the cultures of the Middle East, and critically reflect on them, in order to promote intercultural processes, the extension of human rights and constitutional and democratic values.
Arabic courses for all audiences and all levels.
Arabic classes at the Barcelona Language School
At the EOI in Drassanes you can attend Arabic classes. You will find different levels and groups per level, which also translates into different morning and afternoon hours.

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