The best student cities in Italy

The best student cities in Italy

The best student cities in Italy

Whether you go to university, a school or an internship, you absolutely have to know the student cities of the country!

However, each student is different and has their own criteria of what a good student city is: The best student cities in Italy

The cities with the best universities
The cities where you can get to know the culture
Cities where rents are cheapest
The cities to party
The city ​​of Milan and its Bocconi University is at the top of the best student cities in the country from an academic point of view. This school owes its reputation primarily to its international trade degree and its many offerings and internships. As well as the Polytechnic school of the city. For football fans, as well as fashion fans, the city is also the perfect place to immerse yourself in Italian culture.
From a cultural point of view, Florence is without a doubt the city that you cannot miss . Santa Maria del Fiore and its incredible dome attract millions of tourists to the Tuscan capital every year. You can wander through the many museums and churches in the city.
To preserve this unique culture, the city has also not hesitated to resist the American giant McDonalds , who wants to settle in the most beautiful square in the center.
The city of Bologna is one of the favorite destinations for foreign students.
However, if the rental price is the main criterion, forget Milan. Instead, opt for Bologna or Palermo. Further away from the tourist bustle and the fashion environment, these two cities ensure a more affordable cost of living for students.
But when it comes to outings and nightlife, Bologna is the clear winner. The city is one of the favorite destinations for Erasmus students . In other words, you are not going to miss out on partying. Bologna is also famous for its relaxed atmosphere. You don’t have to show off when you go out. Each one goes as they please.

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