The Callisto Protocol pays tribute to The Carpenter Thing with a terrifying new illustration

The Callisto Protocol pays tribute to The Carpenter Thing with a terrifying new illustration

Its creator recognizes inspiration in the film for Dead Space and his new space horror video game.

Since its development was confirmed, the most passionate about space terror have in The Callisto Protocol one of the video games to mark in follow-up. And no wonder, it is signed by one of the creators of Dead Space and once again has one of his inspiration points in The John Carpenter Thing . To celebrate the 39th anniversary of the release of this latest film, Glen A. Schofield has left us with a new conceptual image of survival-horror that speaks well of its setting.


“The John Carpenter Thing first appeared in theaters 39 years ago. It had a huge influence on Dead Space and continues to inspire me to this day. To celebrate [the anniversary] I thought I’d share a new concept art from The Callisto Protocol ” says Striking Distance Studios founder on Twitter.


The Callisto Protocol

The image shows what kind of dangers players will have to face in 2022 once The Callisto Protocol is released on PC, PS5 and Xbox Series X | S, presenting a horror and survival story set in the same PlayerUnknown’s universe. Battlegrounds , specifically 300 years in the future.


The Callisto Protocol shared another illustration in mid-May and is presented as a twist on the next-generation survival horror genre , a combination of horror, action and immersive story that challenges players to escape from maximum security jail. Sideros, a pressure located on Callisto, one of Jupiter’s satellites. and reveal its most shocking secrets.


This information leads at a time where there is speculation with movements within EA to bring back the Dead Space saga . In this sense, today we have echoed the signing of the director of Assassin’s Creed Valhalla by EA Motive , authors of Star Wars Squadrons. If you are interested in the subject, you can consult this article by Adrián Suarez where he talks about the legacy of Dead Space in The Callisto Protocol .

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