The great history of dance

The great history of dance

How to become passionate about a subject without knowing its history?

Origins of the dance.
Ancient dances, medieval or Renaissance dances: immerse yourself in the passionate history of the art of dance.

Knowledge of the origins and evolution of dance is mandatory in order to be a dance teacher.

To go to dance classes in the higher conservatories of dance , it is better to have a strong dance culture . Both the practice and the theory of dance school students are scored: to shine in society, it is advisable to have read certain specialized dance manuals.

Reviewing the history of dance allows you to discover new types of dance:

  • The carol and the stamp,
  • The lyrical dances,
  • The dramatic dances,
  • The tarantella,
  • The zalongo,
  • The Dionysian dances,
  • The dances of the Renaissance,
  • The musette waltzes,
  • The jig ,
  • The branle , etc.

Having a strong dance culture is also an important advantage for integrating art studies in a higher education establishment. Some dancers who prefer theory to practice choose to study art history and become professor- researchers at the university.

Immersing yourself in the history of dance opens many doors: become a professional in this artistic discipline thanks to the art history classes! The great history of

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