The guide to doing an Erasmus in France

The guide to doing an Erasmus in France

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Administrative procedures to study in France
Go to study in France thanks to Erasmus
Which French university to choose?
Some essential information to study in France
Finding accommodation to study in France
Make friends while studying in France
Health in France as a student
Means of transport to study in France
“To travel is to discover that everyone is wrong about other countries” – Aldous Huxley
27% of former Erasmus students   say they have met their current partner during their stay abroad, according to the European Commission. And you, do you want to find a partner by going abroad to study, specifically to France?
Only time will tell. At the moment, it is time to find out the steps to follow, the university you can choose and the process to enroll in an exchange program.
Fortunately, Superprof guides you in preparing for your university year in France .

Administrative procedures to study in France: The guide to doing an Erasmus in France

To get an Erasmus scholarship, you have to be motivated!
After high school, you can go abroad  directly to start your university studies in France. Spaniards and other members of the European Union do not need a passport, visa or residence permit to study in France.
But that does not mean that you do not have to do any paperwork. What are the procedures to go to study in France ? Certain conditions must be met in order to reside in France :
Be enrolled in a French university,
Have sufficient resources,
Have health insurance.
Step 1: apply for your place online
You can enroll in a French university by requesting your place through the Parcousup website (the national platform for pre- enrollment in the first year of higher education in France) or by contacting the university directly. Keep in mind that to be admitted you must provide documentation of the previous stages of your education.
If you have already completed a first university cycle in Spain, you can continue your studies through Erasmus + by requesting the equivalence of your diplomas directly from the Spanish Ministry of Education.

Step 2: apply for a residence permit

If you want to stay in France for more than three months , you can apply for a residence permit. And we say ‘you can’ because, for EU citizens, it is no longer mandatory.
However, the residence permit ( carte de séjour ), which is applied for at the police, is very useful even for EU citizens, since it makes life easier and without it, it would not be possible to have access to many services or aid for state, such as financial assistance for renting an apartment, etc.

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