The history of flamenco

The history of flamenco

Flamenco is an art that has several centuries of history. It is believed that the origin of flamenco is in the south of the south of Spain, that is, in the south of Andalusia. Experts affirm that it originated at the end of the 18th century in cities of southern Andalusia such as Jerez de la Frontera, since it is the place where the first vestige of flamenco art has been found.

The origin of flamenco.
Have you ever been to a flamenco show?

In this article on the history of flamenco we will see the importance of this cultural expression during the 20th century, how it spread throughout Spain and crossed borders, becoming one of the most popular Spanish cultural aspects abroad.

It should also be noted that UNESCO declared flamenco Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity in 2010. Likewise, the Junta de Andalucía also has it included in the Autonomy Status as a cultural value and an art that it undertakes to protect, study and disseminate .

Influences of flamenco: The history of flamenco

The hypotheses of flamenco dance researchers suggest that this style is inspired by dances from India (the place of origin of the gypsy people). Likewise, it is also affirmed that it has an African influence. The passage of the Arabs through the peninsula has also left its mark.

In short, flamenco is a mixture of influences that has been developing and defining itself in southern Spain until it reaches the art that we enjoy today.

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