The many advantages of speaking Arabic

The many advantages of speaking Arabic

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The contributions of the Arabic language in our society
The educational advantages of learning Arabic
Learn Arabic for cultural reasons
The reasons for learning Arabic from an economic point of view
Spoken by more than 300 million people, Arabic, the eighth most widely spoken language in the world, is one of the most widespread on the planet in terms of speakers. Indeed, Arabic is a living language that should be taken into account more, as it is very rich in all aspects: geographical, historical, philosophical, economic, cultural, scientific, geopolitical and strategic.
Furthermore, Arabic in all its forms (Modern Standard Arabic and Classical Arabic, High Arabic and Dialect Arabic) is included in the educational programs of some universities and can be learned as a second or third language. Unfortunately, many students choose to learn English, French, Portuguese, Italian, German, Russian, Japanese, Mandarin, or other regional dialects such as Catalan and Breton. Few are those who choose Arabic.

However, in many ways, this language is very present in our society: The many advantages of speaking Arabic

There are many words in Spanish that come from Arabic
We use figures from the Arabic language
If you learn Arabic, you will better understand the Arabic culture of more than twenty countries where it is the mother tongue and the official language. In addition, learning the alphabet, vocabulary, grammar and writing will improve your memory, as will music classes and other living languages.
Superprof tells you in this article the many advantages and reasons for learning to speak Arabic like a native.
The contributions of the Arabic language in our society
The Arabic language is ubiquitous in our society and its legacy is incalculable.

Arab culture has been present in many areas where the West was inspired:

literature and poetry
calligraphy and illustration
Arab civilization has left the West an incalculable scientific, literary and cultural heritage.
Therefore, Arab civilization is present in the humanities, arts and sciences, leaving us an incredible legacy that you can discover if you study Arabic. You will see that the influence of the Arabic language is extraordinary. Also, if you are interested in religion and Islam, learning the Quran and studying Islam will certainly be beneficial for you.
The Muslim and Islamic presence in Spain dates back to the 8th century and lasted for seven centuries (from the 8th to the 15th century). Inevitably, during these centuries, Spanish and Arabic were mixed and, in fact, in our vocabulary we have more than 10,000 words of Arabic origin!
Words like pillow, alchemy, algorithm, algebra, oil, elixir, orange, watermelon, zero, caliph, apricot, gazelle, sorbet, alcohol, carrot, coffee, sugar, chess and many others come from roots of classical Arabic and dialect Arabic .
It should not be forgotten that literature and poetry were characterized by having great Arab writers throughout history. This is one more reason to learn to speak Arabic: Persian, Arab and Maghrebian authors left timeless masterpieces that allow you to study Arabic words and their idiomatic expressions more deeply. This is an excellent exercise to learn to speak Arabic and to read and write Arabic texts outside of class time.
Take an introductory calligraphy course; this way you will better understand the Koran. You can also read aloud to improve your pronunciation and speaking skills.


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