The most beautiful cities in China : Travel in China

The most beautiful cities in China : Travel in China

Hangzhou West Lake, considered one of the most beautiful places in China.
As a capital, it is not surprising that  Beijing is one of the most beautiful cities in China . The so-called Beijing was the Mecca of the Jin dynasty, and today it is an authentic political center, where the Palace of the People’s Assembly or Tian’anmen Square is located.
As for the essential monuments to see in this great eastern city, there is, of course, the Great Wall of China, with its impressive walls. But there are other must-have wonders, like:
The Temple of Heaven, a UNESCO World Heritage Site;
The Forbidden City, famous all over the world;
The National Museum of China;
Jingshan Park, where you can rest after visits in this bubbling city.
But Beijing is not the only big city of interest!
Shanghai, which literally means “at sea” in Chinese, is one of  the largest megacities in China and the world, with no less than 24.2 million inhabitants. Staying in Shanghai is ideal because it is also one of the most international cities. You could visit:
The Bund, a pedestrian promenade along the Huangpu River;
The Temple of the Jade Buddha;
The People’s Square, where Chinese ethnic groups meet;
The Shanghai Grand Theater, where you can see beautiful local shows;
The Yu Garden, ideal to rest after a long day;

The Oriental Pearl Tower, a unique television tower in the world The most beautiful cities in China : Travel in China

But China is not just a modern land where technology meets tradition, far from it. During a visit to China, don’t especially miss  Xi’an, located in Shaanxi province . To learn a little history and geography, it is located at the east end of the famous Silk Road and  is very touristy, so  that beauty will not take away from the city.
In the Chinese province of Zhejiang, there is a beautiful city that boasts the West Lake, which has inspired poets and artists from different dynasties. Also, many great emperors chose their residence in this city during the 9th or 10th centuries. It is considered  one of the most beautiful cities in China, especially when it had the status of capital under the Song dynasty.
There are many  other cities that could be on this list,  but we will continue to give you other tips to organize your stay in China!

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