The tones in Chinese Language

The tones in Chinese Language

You may have learned them throughout your studies and your language classes: French, unlike other languages, is not “tonal”. Despite the beauty of this language, some might say that it sounds monotonous to your ear!
English and Spanish, for example, have stressed accents in some syllables in their words. A difficulty for the French, for example, but it must be said, makes the language a little more complex and melodious. All in all, a great linguistic challenge!
And the least that could be said is that Mandarin Chinese and its multiple tones also present a high-level challenge in terms of tonal language …

The Chinese tones are 5 in total : The tones in Chinese Language

The first tone is a flat accent and represents the absence of intonation.
The second tone is a “high” tone and represents an ascending intonation.
Often times, the third tone is the most destabilizing, it is a kind of wave: it starts from a mid-low point, descends and then rises.
The fourth is a descending tone: it starts from a high tone and then descends.
The fifth tone is a null tone. It is known as a “neutral tone.”
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