Tips for passing other German exams

Tips for passing other German exams

If you have already passed high school and selectivity and want to continue improving your language, surely at some point you will have to take other German exams.
Before facing a jury exam for the oral part or presenting the written part, we invite you to know some methods that will help you improve your German. Here are some tips to pass that EOI exam that scares you so much or that of any institute or private school that teaches German.

How to prepare the written part: Tips for passing other German exams

Read in german
Read, read and read again: this is one of the best ways to prepare for the written part and improve your German. Indeed, when you read, you will be able to see how the words are composed, the structure of the sentences and the different conjugation times.
Obviously, to do this, you must first have some knowledge of the German language. If you have a good foundation, read books in the genre that you like. For example, if you like fantasy books, opt for this type of reading.
Don’t forget to keep an eye on the press in German , because there are sure to be articles you can read. Practice your German by repeating the keywords in the text. Journalists talk about the 5 W ( Where, When, Who, What  and  Why ).

Write in german: Tips for passing other German exams

We move on to the written expression part. To overcome it, practice your writing every day. If someone can reread what you write, all the better.
Today, on the Internet, you can easily find someone to write to . Find someone as soon as possible and contact them at least once a day (by email , for example). Thus, you will practice your writing in German.
Write with a native speaker to improve your writing in German.
Another tip that you can put into practice to overcome the written part is that you learn the most important expressions and idioms in German. This will demonstrate your knowledge of the German language.

How to prepare the oral part

The Internet is a great opportunity to find tons of resources to improve your German. If you want to overcome the oral part, it is advisable to watch films ( Good Bye Lenin, The lives of others, The sinking, The wave, The sky over Berlin …), series and videos in German. In addition, you can also listen to podcasts and songs by German groups and singers (Cro, Peter Fox, Jan Delay, Chima, Herbert Grönemeyer, Rammstein…) to improve your listening comprehension.
Once you get used to listening to German, you just have to practice your oral expression:
If you have a relative who speaks German, fine. Ask him to speak to you in German for 15/20 minutes a day. The goal: to talk about everything, about anything (preferably about topics that you have learned during the course).
In addition, you can also ask one of his classmates to practice the oral together. Make it a rule that it is forbidden to speak in Spanish. Take the opportunity to learn the vocabulary that your friend uses and that you do not know.

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