Top 10 of the best apps to learn French

Top 10 of the best apps to learn French


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Top 10 of the best apps to learn French
What are the best websites to learn French?
How to develop the French classes by webcam?
What budget do you need to learn French online?
“You never understand a language until you understand at least two.” – Geoffrey Willans
Learning a language offers many benefits, including open-mindedness. When you know that French is the mother tongue of more than 80 million people, that it has more than 300 million speakers around the world and that it is one of the official languages ​​of numerous international institutions and organizations such as the UN, there are more reasons enough to want to start French classes intensively. But how can you improve on the Molière language and be able to communicate with a French speaker?
Beginners and advanced, here are all the solutions to improve in French without leaving home!

Top 10 of the best apps to learn French: Top 10 of the best apps to learn French

Among all the options for online French classes , the apps occupy a privileged place among young people.
Sometimes more fun than a teacher, easier to transport than the folder of university French classes, and above all more varied than the French classes offered by many schools and academies, these applications are not intended to replace a good teacher but They offer a reliable alternative when it comes to reviewing for your lessons or to start learning a foreign language on your own.
French apps are usually quite fun and intuitive.
For occasional practice, taking a trip to French-speaking countries, or chatting with a French friend, there are many reasons to download an app like the ones listed below.

Some of the best apps for learning French are: Top 10 of the best apps to learn French

Some applications are very popular. For example, the Babbel or DuoLingo app are two apps famous for their ease of learning but also because they offer many languages ​​other than French : you will have the opportunity to also embark on learning Italian, English, German or Portuguese.

But what makes a good app?

An application is useful when learning a foreign language when it makes users want more, that is, use it . For this, the interface design must be clear and easy to use . If the interface is intuitive, the user will not have to waste time figuring out how it works.
The application must also be varied in its content. French grammar classes may not be enough to make you fully bilingual. It will also be necessary to work on oral comprehension, written expression, vocabulary, etc. Thus, a good application must also be complete and formal.
Applications to learn French should pay special attention to the formation of French pronunciation. Indeed, the accent is a fundamental question if you want to make yourself understood.
Finally, an application is not a master class. DuoLingo, for example, was created in the form of a game. Users level up and receive a daily reminder not to lose points. This makes the application attractive and fun.

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