UnMetal is the parody of Metal Gear that I never thought could be so good

UnMetal is the parody of Metal Gear that I never thought could be so good

It is not Metal Gear exactly, but it looks like it, and it also has a lot of humor. UnMetal is a small indie surprise in the form of a parody of the famous work by Hideo Kojima, which comes to give us some action, stealth and puzzles, all of them accompanied by a good portion of Spanish humor.

You may be wondering right now where the hell this title came from. Well, three facts: it is a stealth game, it is a parody of Metal Gear and it is made by a Spaniard. The latter is not to enhance the national development (which too), but because the title contains the classic Iberian humor (and it shows every minute of departure). For example, say that Jesse Fox, the protagonist, saves game when he enters a toilet and unloads his bladder.

This is what is new from the creator of UnEpic , another title that stood out for a particular comic sense. In this case, I would say that it is even more present, with a very peculiar narrative style … and also successful. Basically, the hero of the game tells us his story in the past, right after being arrested and testifying about the exploits that led him to the current situation. The way it is approached is original, with many effects that support a gameplay that is not too cutting edge, but that generally accompanies the indie nature of this production.

And, after all, UnMetal is a parody of Metal Gear. It is not intended to match Konami’s original work, but to give us a bit of nostalgia while enjoying a humor – as I say – with a Spanish flavor. And what did I think? Well, I’ve really enjoyed it, at least in its early stages. It has action, stealth moments, little puzzles, and a really well-followed plot . If you want to have a fun time, and laugh for a while, put it on your radar because its approach is interesting.

A funny parody of Metal Gear: UnMetal is the parody of Metal Gear that I never thought could be so good

UnMetal starts from a fairly obvious premise: parody the exploits of Solid Snake. There are many elements here that are reminiscent of Hideo Kojima’s work. For starters, Jesse Fox’s look is very similar, with long hair, some appeal, a headband, and a military outfit. He leans his back against the wall to hide from the sight of the enemies and even uses a radio frequency communication that mimics the mythical codec with which Snake spoke with the colonel (yes, don’t worry: there is also a version of said colonel here).

The winks are truly countless, but UnMetal is not only focused on parody, but on offering a gaming experience with a certain appeal. It is reminiscent of the adventures of the 90s, with a very remarkable 2D design and a certain conceptual simplicity in the playable. But it is not bad. Sometimes it’s good for a game to go straight to the point and not get lost in frills – this is that kind of video game. You are playing from the first moment, with a pixel-art with which you will not take long to connect if you knew the SNES or the Megadrive.

Your task is simple: move around the stage avoiding the guards , who will be quite easily alerted to your presence if you are not careful. The game allows you to go to sack, dealing fists left and right. However, you will be rewarded with experience points if you use infiltration and take down without them being aware of your presence. This is very interesting, since as Jesse Fox levels up, you can choose between improving different skills, such as the frequency of his fists or the speed of his movement.

UnMetal PC

UnMetal not only focuses on parody, but on offering a gaming experience with a certain appealAnd UnMetal also has final bosses , each with its own peculiarities. I beat the first with a slingshot, and the second with a world ball that was in his office. It sounds ridiculous (and it is), but I have already told you that this is a parody, yes, quite well resolved as far as I have been able to play.

In the first part of the game I solved everything by punching. You get things by destroying a toilet, computers and the many boxes that you find around the stage. There are medicine cabinets and they can hurt you severely, to the point that before you heal you will have to stop the bleeding with bandages. All through an inventory also very from the 80s and 90s … and I would dare to say that on many occasions it will seem that the game becomes a graphic adventure, because that is how it happens.

The reason is that as you advance, you get objects of all kinds, and you must combine elements to solve different situations . Do you need something to go down through a sewer to escape the compound you’re locked in? Well, you will have to explore the environment a little, find what you need and start experimenting. I warn you that this combination works sometimes in a not very logical way (Lucas Arts style), but it is also appreciated that there is some magic and difficulty in the matter.

UnMetalUnMetal PC

Personally, I also appreciate that the game is completely dubbed in Spanish , because it helps enormously to capture the sense of humor of the proposal. In general, the production values ​​were adequate for me, always taking into account the independent nature of the launch, which by the way will reach almost all platforms : Xbox, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and 5 systems, as well as PC, which was for true the platform i played on. The launch is yet to be determined, although it is scheduled for this summer.

Very low game requirements as you can imagine (i3 processor and 4GB of RAM) and the possibility of using a controller, which comes in handy in this type of title. It does not take much more, except wanting to discover one of those summer releases that has all the aspect of giving just what it promises . Or at least, it will be something that I will discover in the analysis, when I have put in enough hours. UnMetal is the parody of Metal Gear that I never thought could be so good

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