Web Design Course

Web Design Course

description: Web Design Course

With the Web Design Course you will learn to create, design and layout web pages applying the latest tools in the sector. Web development professionals are in high demand since companies need to have an online presence with their business.

objectives of this course: Web Design Course

The objective of this course is to train you in the semantic languages ​​of HTML and CSS3, essential for web design, and in the main graphic design and layout tools to build websites optimized to the standards of usability and adaptability.

You will know all the development phases of a web project from the idea to the production or publication of the website.

professional outings: Web Design Course

You can work as:

  • HTML developer
  • Web designer
  • Layout in digital advertising companies
  • Collaborator in web projects of any kind


San Jorge University degree

Upon successful completion of the study of the contents and the practice of this  Web Design Course  , you will obtain your  own university degree , issued by the  San Jorge University  (6 ECTS credits).

previous requirements

To access the  SEAS technical courses it  is necessary to meet one of the following requirements:

  • First, it is necessary to  be of legal age .

If only this first requirement is met, and not the following ones, at the end of their studies the student will receive a  Technical Course Title  indicating the content and duration of the study in hours ( not ECTS )

Second, if you are of legal age, and one of the following points is also met, the  title of Technical Course will be issued  indicating the content, duration in hours of study and  ECTS credits awarded :

  • Be in possession  of the Baccalaureate degree or equivalent  (also European and International Baccalaureate)
  • To be in possession of the title of  Superior Technician of Professional Training , or Superior Technician in  Plastic Arts and Design  or  Superior Sports Technician .
  • Be  over 25 years of age with at least one year of  accredited professional experience related to the content of the training.
  • Be a  university graduate

teaching materials

The  technical courses SEAS  prepare you to master the basic operations of your area, making it easier for all necessary tools for this. In addition, they give you access to your own virtual classroom  where you can watch the classes live through Webinars .

You will train in the following softwares:

  • Notepad ++ , plain text code editor.
  • Bluefish , plain text code editor.
  • Bluegrifon,  WYSWGT visual editor.

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