What are the best tools to learn the Arabic language?

What are the best tools to learn the Arabic language?

BlogLanguagesArabWhat Are the Best Means to Learn Arabic?: What are the best tools to learn the Arabic language?


What is the best method to learn Arabic?
The books that will allow you to learn the Arabic language
What are the websites where you can learn Arabic?
Where can you learn Arabic in Spain?
Places to learn Arabic in the world
“Rome was not built in a day”.
In the same way, if you think that learning to speak Arabic will not take you more than a few weeks, of course you underestimate the difficulty of the path you are about to travel.
However, nothing is impossible.
It will be necessary that you arm yourself with patience, discipline, motivation, and that you maintain the course of a regular job without getting discouraged by possible difficulties. Learning Arabic means internalizing a new language.
In this way, evaluate what your ambitions are: do you want to acquire a fluent level in written and oral expression, become bilingual, or simply master some basic notions?
Here you have the best means selected by us to learn Arabic in the best conditions.

What is the best method to learn Arabic?: What are the best tools to learn the Arabic language?

Learning a foreign language is often seen as accessible, at worst, even fun. Learning Arabic puts you in front of the alphabet barrier, totally different from our modern Latin alphabet.
To learn Arabic, you will have to choose the method that best suits your needs
Here you have an extensive list of eventual difficulties that this language presents to us, the Spanish:
the alphabet: 112 spellings that must be studied by heart and that correspond to 28 letters of the Arabic alphabet (initial form, isolated, in the middle and end of sentence)
the guttural consonant system of the Arabic language: many of the consonants require oral “gymnastics” in order not to alter the meaning of Arabic words, and also for proper oral expression.
the time: a Spanish or a French would need about 2,200 hours to begin to speak Arabic well, while a Latin language needs “only” 600 hours.
The invisibility of vowels: Arabic is a language composed of Semitic roots, that is, lexical roots that only use consonants.
Often a Semitic root is made up of three consonants. They are the abiads where the vowels are not always written.
For example, from the root ktb = write, words such as kataba = write, kitāb = book, kātib = writer, maktaba = library, miktāb = typewriter, yaktubu = he writes.
First, learn literary Arabic, which encompasses the entire Arab World from Morocco to Iraq to Egypt. It is a common linguistic pillar. By contrast, Moroccan Arabic – known as Darija – is different from Egyptian Arabic.
For this reason, it may be good for you to learn the dialect Arabic of the country you want to visit or the dialect of the community you are a part of.

Superprof has selected a list of Arabic methods that you might find useful:

The Assimil method
Arabic language classes in different organizations (language schools, universities …)
Language stays in an Arab country, in immersion to learn dialect Arabic
Arabic classes at home
The “self-taught” method: reading the Arab press, talking with Arab friends, taking free online Arabic classes.

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