What are the best websites to learn French?

What are the best websites to learn French?

Long before smartphone applications, there were many resources online, such as the pages dedicated to learning the language of Molière. These more or less current pages offer many French classes that allow students to work independently.

How can you tell if a French classes website is good or not?: What are the best websites to learn French?

You can use the French pages to:
Learn typical phrases.
Learn vocabulary.
Check the conjugation in French.
Work on listening comprehension.
Discover the differences between French in France and in Canada …
Among the best pages in French we find FrançaisFacile.com, loecsen.com and Vocbox.com. There are more modern and attractive websites and older ones like Lapasserelle.com , which seems to come directly from the early 2000s. However, this website offers the option of improving your pronunciation while learning grammar and vocabulary.
The site FrançaisFacile.com is also relatively well known. This website, despite its somewhat outdated design, offers quite concise explanations that allow you to understand a French lesson in a few minutes.
The website offers French exercises in order to apply everything studied. For beginners and experts alike, this website is useful in all circumstances.
However, there is no such thing as a perfect page. Therefore, the student must take advantage of the best of each site for the methods to be truly effective. Some will not want to spend time on French culture, while others will use this culture as a means of learning to speak French.
It is important to find a page that works according to the needs of each student and practice the language regularly so that the use of a French website is really effective.

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