What are the different neighborhoods in Beijing? Travel to Beijing

What are the different neighborhoods in Beijing? Travel to Beijing

To find where to stay in Beijing, you need to focus on  four main areas among the city’s myriad districts: Shichahai, Dongcheng, Chaoyang, and Haidian.

In which district do you choose to stay in the Chinese capital? What are the different neighborhoods in Beijing? Travel to Beijing

The downside is that these four areas make up a huge area of ​​several thousand km² and bring together more than 7 million inhabitants …
Shichahai is the historical center, where some UNESCO World Heritage sites are located: the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal, the Forbidden City, the Imperial Palace, Tiananmen Square, Mao Zedong Mausoleum, the National Museum of China , and three lakes:
Qianhai Lake
Houhai lake
Xihai Lake
It is a very popular and frequented area because many locals go for walks in summer or ice skating in winter. There is a large concentration of  hutongs , as well as a large number of bars for a night out. Mixing idleness and nightlife, you will see the most beautiful places in the capital.
Do you want to visit the Temple of Heaven, the Temple of Confucius and be close to the Forbidden City? Opt for Dongcheng, which is close to many museums, including the National Museum of China.
Around Wang Fu Jin Street is the commercial lung of the neighborhood and traffic is prohibited for cars. This is a good reason for you to choose this neighborhood if you like family trips or have a strong ecological sensitivity.
In other areas, you will no longer be in the center, but the peripheral areas offer a good location to discover life in China as the locals live it and are recommended for longer stays  (to learn Mandarin Chinese, for example).
Chaoyang and Haidian are actually like two cities within the city, annexed to the territory of Beijing, where the wealthy classes, students and western emigrants meet because the infrastructure and housing are very modern.
You already know everything to go on a trip to Beijing! When you leave?

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