What are the job offers at ELE?

What are the job offers at ELE?

Finding a  job offer at ELE is the first step after finishing your studies. This is the moment when we have to enter professional life. But what kind of offer can you find and where can you find it?
If you have just finished a master’s degree in ELE , the next logical step is to become a teacher of Spanish as a foreign language to teach the language of Cervantes to those who do not speak the language. Depending on the professional or research itinerary, the master’s degree will provide you with the bases for teaching and teaching .
When it comes to finding work, therefore, you also have the option of applying for a teaching position abroad.

Do you want to go abroad to teach?: What are the job offers at ELE?

The Instituto Cervantes (which also provides training for future teachers) offers many job offers in different countries. This institution, responsible for spreading Spanish culture around the world, often looks for Spanish teachers for foreigners in order to teach a few hours of class a week.
Usually the offer is not full time, but at least it allows you to have a significant first experience within the field of teaching Spanish.
However, the Instituto Cervantes is not the only center that will offer you a job, you will also find language schools that offer positions for ELE teachers, as well as  foreign universities, cultural centers and associations that sometimes also hire Spanish teachers to foreigners .
If you are still studying, you can also apply for an assistant Spanish teacher position abroad . In this case, you should consult the procedure at the university, which will indicate the steps to follow.
However, job offers are not only found abroad, it is also quite possible to find a Spanish teacher position within Spain.
You can work as a Spanish teacher at any of the Spanish universities and thus help international students to achieve a good level of Spanish. You can also approach an association for immigrants, who help newcomers to Spain to learn Spanish.
If you want more independence, you can also work as a private Spanish teacher. In Spain or abroad, it will be up to you how to organize your own classes and find students. Quite an adventure, which can be totally beneficial in your professional career!

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