What are the most beautiful cities in Algeria?

What are the most beautiful cities in Algeria?

Algiers, Constantina, Oran, Bejaia … are the names of some of the cities that you cannot miss. Welcome to Algeria!
It is not necessary to go through the consulate to understand that all Algerian cities have something to offer us . Between the Mediterranean basin, the extensions of the Sahara and the mountains as far as the eye can see, the climate and geography of the country leave no one indifferent.
However, when we ask ourselves which are the most beautiful cities in Algeria , there are those who get upset since each and every one of them has something special. That something that immerses us in an environment that is both typical and modern (especially in big cities), but always of interest.

Among the most beautiful Algerian cities , we could mention: What are the most beautiful cities in Algeria?

Oran . Port city, which is also the second city in the country; nicknamed “the radiant one . ” Find out what it has to offer you.
Taghit . Postcard-decorated town nicknamed “The Enchantress . ”
Bejaia . Kabylia’s largest city, bordered by the sea, between vast stretches of sand and exotic coves.
Annaba . City located in the extreme northeast of the country, between the mountains and the sea.
Tremecen . Very interesting city from an architectural point of view , halfway between nature and history.
Constantine . Nicknamed the ‘city of suspension bridges’, bordered by small walkways, and named the Arab capital of culture in 2015.
Algiers . It is the capital, known as “White Algiers” for its incomparable luminosity ; It is divided into two parts: modern and ancient.
Tizi Uzu . Near Algiers, in Kabylia, you will find this discreet city, whose tourist potential is increasing, in particular thanks to the nature in which it is immersed.
Gardaya . Fortified city , full of small souks and other typical Algerian elements.
Among many others.
A rich country, therefore, but also very beautiful. Get your passport and travel immediately!

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