What are the websites where you can learn Arabic?

What are the websites where you can learn Arabic?

Since the numerical revolution of the 2000s, the internet has offered an inexhaustible goldmine of knowledge regarding the learning of living languages.
Learn Arabic online and share your experience: create your own website about learning Arabic or a blog to promote your teacher
Again, it is always convenient to browse the appropriate websites. Because as everything is possible, there are good and not so good places.
Gather all your strength: motivate yourself, fill yourself with discipline and will. You will be alone in the face of adversity and no teacher will be there to guide you or correct your mistakes.
The evolution of the internet has allowed access to online and interactive Arabic classes: from now on, the student participates through their screen.
You can give your opinion, evaluate your teacher and comment on the quality of the course.
And last advantage, for your online Arabic classes: you can learn anywhere, all over the planet as soon as you have an internet connection.

Here are the websites for online Arabic classes : What are the websites where you can learn Arabic?

Polyglot Club
Please note that some of these websites are only available in English and French.
All these sites have in common the interest and taste for the transmission of the Arabic language, from introductory courses for beginners, through techniques to learn the alphabet, learn to read and write Arabic, progress in grammar (writing of personal pronouns and possessive) and in oral expression.
They are aimed at both children and adults, they are also entertaining, interactive and allow you to learn for free – sometimes – and quickly, without time restrictions.
Staying still in front of the internet is not your thing?
It is part of an Arabic learning organization in Spain.

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