What budget do you need to learn French online?

What budget do you need to learn French online?

Learning Spanish requires a certain budget, which can vary depending on the learning methods.
Although Internet resources are often thought to be free, keep in mind that online classes require an investment in an Internet connection . It is not about taking a French course with a teacher through the webcam if the connection drops every minute. In addition, the computer equipment must be in good condition.

How much should you reserve for your French classes online?: What budget do you need to learn French online?

Apart from the state of the hardware, it is also important to note that not all websites and applications are totally free. Although most of the pages offer free content, the reality is quite different when it comes to applications.
Most applications offer a free trial version before requesting a subscription from the user. The price varies between € 5 and € 15 per month , but keep in mind that this budget can go up quickly. Luckily, some apps are still free like DuoLingo or Nemo.
If you opt for online classes with a teacher from an institute or an academy, it will cost you about € 24 per hour (compared to € 36 for a face-to-face class).
You can also opt for a freelance teacher. On the Superprof platform, the average price of a French lesson via webcam is € 15. Prices may vary if the student opts for an intensive course or for private lessons. The student must also pay the price required by the platform.
You can also find private French teachers without having to go through any platform. Through word of mouth or advertisements, you can find your ideal teacher. The price can also vary depending on the level of French you have, the experience of the teacher, etc.
French classes may never be as effective as a trip to Canada or an extended language immersion, but they will allow you to practice the language on a daily basis. At the end of the day, this is a long-term investment, keep that in mind.

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