What budget to plan to visit France?

What budget to plan to visit France?

Dreaming of the most beautiful destinations in France is fine, but the important thing is to  set a budget  and have an idea of ​​how expensive a trip to France can be so as not to bring an empty bill.
Try French gastronomy!
On any trip, be it to France, Russia or Australia, there are three elements that stand out in the total travel budget:  accommodation, food and transportation .
Fortunately, in recent years, traveling to France has not been extremely expensive. You can go to France for a price ranging from € 40 to € 200 depending on the season and the means of transport . The cheapest are the main bus lines (albeit very heavy), closely followed by carpooling and low-cost airlines. The train, on the other hand, is quite an expensive means of transport if you live far from the French border.
Once there, you have to find the right accommodation. A normal hotel night can cost between € 60 and € 120, depending on the location of the establishment and the services offered. The  shelters, meanwhile, usually offer private rooms for an average of 20 €, an impossible opportunity to find in a hotel. However, you will have to share a bathroom.
Regarding the food budget, you can choose to do your own shopping and cook in the accommodation (in an Airbnb hostel or apartment , etc.) or eat in regular or fast food restaurants. The menu of a normal restaurant will cost you about € 18 on average . As for fast food, you will find menus from € 8. The best thing is to discover French gastronomy in restaurants with affordable menus so as not to ruin yourself.
During your trip, you will also have to take into account transport if you want to change cities (on average about 40 euros) or tourist activities such as visits to museums and monuments, which largely depend on the type of establishment you visit. If you can, take advantage of the different discounts available (seniors, under 25s, first Sunday of the month, etc.).
The budget for your trip to France will also vary greatly depending on the type of tourist you are: backpacker, luxury hotel, etc. It is up to you to adapt your stay.
How to stay in France
There are many solutions for staying in France . To find the perfect accommodation, there are several sites that can help you. Among them, online comparison websites to find the best price, such as Booking , or sites such as Airbnb to rent homes to individuals.

Luxury hotel or hostel?: What budget to plan to visit France?

In France, you can stay in a hotel , as in most countries in the world. Prices obviously vary from whether it is a luxury hotel, a chain hotel or a hostel, but hotels are not the only accommodations to accommodate tourists.
Why don’t you stay at a campsite?
Staying in a tent, motorhome or mobile home , campsites offer many amenities and a great environment for holidays with friends or family.
You also have the option of  staying in houses of French inhabitants  if you opt for a guest house, renting a room on Airbnb or using the couchsurfing website, which allows you to enjoy a bed for free in houses of inhabitants of the country.
Either way, the most important thing is to enjoy the French way of life!

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