What is Gacha Life? What parents need to know

What is Gacha Life? What parents need to know

Created by Lunime Inc., Gacha is a popular kid-focused app for kids who love anime characters as they can customize and use their creativity to their heart’s content. Here is a summary of what the application is.

What’s on the page: What is Gacha Life? What parents need to know

  •   What is Gacha Life?  
  •   Is it safe for children?  
  •  Three ways to control online games for kids  

What is Gacha Life?: What is Gacha Life? What parents need to know

It is an RPG that allows users to create and customize anime-style characters by choosing from a variety of outfits to wear and their appearance like their hair, eyes, etc. Users can choose and play between 8 minigames, create parodies in studio mode, create scenes and chat with other players. The app also includes in-app purchases, such as ‘gems’, which can be purchased from £ 1.99.

The word ‘Gacha’ comes from Japanese toy machines and video games, a mechanic in which characters are unlocked through monetization, point collecting, or virtual currency methods.

Is it safe for children?: What is Gacha Life? What parents need to know

The Gacha app has received an age rating of 9+ on the App Store and Google Play Store. It is possible that parents should know the chat feature and access to purchases within the application, so make sure you have in-app purchases disabled on boxes of loot .
In recent news, concerns were raised about incidents of strangers asking underage users to verify their age by submitting inappropriate images of themselves. Therefore, it is important to have conversations with your child to develop critical thinking about what is and what is not acceptable and to point anything out to an appropriate adult in case you receive such requests.
Gacha’s privacy policy encourages parents to be aware of “their children’s use of email and other online communications and transactional features.” Parents can request a review and / or deletion of their child’s personal information at any time by contacting Gacha:  mlbb-pc@gmail.com and providing them with the same username, password, and email address that your child submitted.

Three ways to control online games for kids

  • If you want to allow kids to choose apps, but with permission: Set up Family Sharing (iPhone)or Family Link (Android).
  • If you want to prevent access to app stores entirely, turn off the App Store on Screen Time (iPhone) or use a App Lock (Android).
  • Talk to your kids about your expectations about the types of apps allowed

The application can be downloaded for free (except for the PC version): PCiOSand Androiddevices.

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