What is the best path to become a German teacher?

What is the best path to become a German teacher?

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Training required to become a German teacher
What is the ideal path to become a German teacher?
University degrees to become a German teacher
Use the Internet to become a German teacher
The German language is currently emerging as one of the most relevant in the European context, being the most widely spoken language in Europe . For this reason, more and more people are encouraged to study German, instead of studying other more “typical” languages ​​such as English or French.
It is easier to learn German if you already know English.
But what are the necessary qualifications to teach Goethe’s language? How can you become a German teacher? Is it essential to have a degree to teach German ?

Training required to become a German teache

We are going to see the necessary training according to how you want to practice as a German teacher .
Being a German teacher in ESO and Baccalaureate
To be a secondary school teacher you need to be a graduate or engineer, an engineer or an architect, or a doctor. Among the university courses that you can study related to German are:
Degree in German Studies
Degree in Spanish-German Studies
Degree in German Language and Literature
Degree in Translation and Interpretation
In addition, it is necessary to complete the one-year Master’s Degree in Secondary Teachers . And finally, to access a fixed position and practice in public centers, you will have to go through an opposition phase and a competition phase.
Opposition phase . The opposition is divided into two tests. The first one is theoretical, with questions on a general agenda. The student must develop a question from among three options offered by the Court. To this part we must add the practices, and after passing both the future teacher undergoes a final test, in which he makes an oral presentation in front of the Court and later the development of a practical case.
Competition phase . The mark obtained in the competition is joined by a predetermined score for professional experience or seniority, among other criteria. With the final grade, you become part of a job bank and you get the places.
Studies to become a German teacher.

Be a German teacher in a private center

The necessary requirements to teach German classes to ESO or Baccalaureate students in a private center are:
Having a degree of Bachelor, Engineer or Architect, Higher Education Graduate or equivalent.
Accredit an adequate qualification to teach the corresponding subjects, in this case German. It generally refers to a certain university or other degree in German.
Be in possession of a Master’s degree in Secondary .

Being a German teacher at an academy

Normally, to teach at an academy, you will be required to have a degree . Therefore, you will be able to contemplate this option only if you have some type of training related to German or to teaching in general: university degree, Vocational Training, German certificates … The more degrees, the better!

Be a private German teacher

It is not mandatory to have any qualifications when teaching private German classes, but it is important to bear in mind that training plays in your favor when choosing a teacher. Therefore, do not hesitate to take a German exam to add that valuable asset to your CV as a private teacher.
To do this, you can get a certificate that justifies your level of German such as the TestDaf, the Goethe-Zertifikat of the Goethe Institut, the WiDaF (professional German), the ZBD and the PWD of the Goethe Institut or the GDS (Großes Deutsches Sprachdiplom).

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