What is the Triller app?

What is the Triller app?

Triller is the latest app that is gaining a lot of attention not only among kids. With over 120 million downloads so far, Triller’s user base is over half the UK population. So as a parent it is important to understand the ins and outs of the latest app.

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What is the Triller app?: What is the Triller app?

Triller is a social video app that rivals Reels for Instagram and TikTok . With Triller, users can film multiple takes of themselves singing and / or dancing to music, and then use the application’s artificial intelligence (AI) to automatically extract the best of those clips to create professional-looking music videos and share them on. social media.

Is it like TikTok?: What is the Triller app?

One of the biggest differences between Triller and TikTok is that you, the user, can edit on TikTok while Triller edits videos for the user. This changes the level of participation of each user with the videos they publish in the applications.
Triller was originally designed to be a music video app, while TikTok was created as a similar app to Musical.ly.

Is it safe for children?: What is the Triller app?

The Triller app received a 12+ rating on the Apple App Store and a ‘Teenager’ rating on the Google Play Store, so it is not suitable for younger ages.

Triller’s guidelines warn that harmful content is prohibited on the platform. They specifically highlight nudity, graphic content, exploitation of minors, intimidation, harassment, incitement to hatred, identity theft, sending of spam and unauthorized sharing as points on which they will act if they are violated. . The content is monitored and they reserve the right to ban accounts, remove content and report material to the police if necessary. Always ensure that if young children use the app, they are aware of the potential risks associated with social media content.

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Where can I download the application?

The application can be downloaded for free from the Apple App Storeand the Google Play Store.

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