What is transport in the Portuguese country

What is transport in the Portuguese country?

As in most European countries, Portugal has a dense transport and road network throughout the country. In this article, I will discuss what is transport in the Portuguese country.

Air Transport

Obviously, due to its size, mainland Portugal has a small number of airports: in Lisbon (Portela Airport), in Porto (Francisco Sá Carneiro Airport), and in Faro (Faro Airport).

We can find connections with hundreds of cities inside and outside Europe operated by well-known airlines, although the national and main airline in the country is TAP.

However, having island territories, almost every island has its airport: in Funchal, Madeira (Cristiano Ronaldo International Airport), in Porto Island, Madeira (Porto Santo Airport), in São Miguel Island, Azores (João Airport Paulo II), on Terceira Island, Azores (Lajes Airport), on Faial Island, Azores (Horta Airport), on Santa Maria Island, Azores (Santa Maria Airport), on Corvo Island, Azores (Corvo Airport ), on Flores Island, Azores (Flores Airport), on Graciosa Island, Azores (Graciosa Airport), on Pico Island, Azores (Pico Airport) and São Jorge Island, Azores (São Jorge Airport) .

Transport in Portugal.
Airplane of the TAP Portugal company. Photo by Marc Najera on Unsplash.

Ground transportation

For long-distance routes (within Portugal or to other countries) we find international companies spread across Europe: Eurolines (affiliated with the Portuguese operators Internorte and Eva Transportes), Busabout or Flixbus.

The Spanish companies that connect Spain and Portugal are Alsa, Avanza and Damas.

As for the roads , it should be noted that in general their condition is not as good as in Spain, although it depends on which Autonomous Community we come from. For example, we will find a considerable change in the state of the highways and highways between Galicia and northern Portugal.

Regarding rail transport , the equivalent of Renfe in Portugal would be Comboios de Portugal (CP), the Portuguese public rail transport company and the main railway operator in Portugal that connects the entire country.

It has four main types of long-distance trains:

  • Regional (R): goes slow and stops in all seasons.
  • Interregional (IR): faster.
  • Intercidade (IC): connect cities fast.
  • Alfa Pendular Deluxe: high speed and more expensive.

We will also find international train companies that operate in the Portuguese country that mainly carry out international routes: Rail Europe, Eurail and Renfe (from or to Spain).

Marine transport

Although Portugal has numerous ports since the entire western part of the country is bathed by the Atlantic Ocean, it does not have a regular ferry service itself, but they do often see ships that go from Spain to Morocco and viceversa (Transmediterranea.es)

However, there is a Portuguese river transport company that provides service on the Guadiana River (www.rioguadian.net). It offers the possibility of crossing the Guadiana river between Ayamonte (Huelva) and Vila Real de Santo António (Algarve) by vehicle ferry (you can also go without a car or by bicycle).

Finally, it should be noted that the cities of Lisbon and Porto have an extensive growing metro network, as well as one of the great tourist attractions of both cities: the tram. Old rehabilitated tram cars climb the slopes of Porto and Lisbon under the incessant flashes of tourists. The truth is that they are beautiful and have their charm, although it is not easy to take a good photo!

Portuguese land transport
A stamp that will take you to another era.

Add that we will also find an extensive taxi service and it is usually quite profitable in short distances.

Are you part of Spaniards in Portugal? We want to know your experience in the Portuguese country! Leave us a comment on this article telling your experiences. Or, if you want to know more about this country, we have other articles about life in Portugal on our blog. Do not hesitate to consult it!

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