What level of Arabic is recommended to travel to Arab countries?

What level of Arabic is recommended to travel to Arab countries?

Depending on the country and length of stay, it will also be necessary to learn some basic Arabic concepts , such as learning to read the Arabic alphabet. But why learn Arabic if you know English or French?
Excursion with Berbers in the dunes of the Sahara: how lucky, they speak a little Spanish!
First, because  knowing how to read and understand the alphabet allows you to be more autonomous, since Arabic inscriptions do not always have their transcription in the Latin alphabet.
In addition, because you will also know how to  communicate with a native Arabic speaker  using their mother tongue, an effort that will undoubtedly be highly appreciated by the inhabitants. For example, we can go from literary Arabic learned in Spain (with our Superprof teachers, for example) to dialect Arabic (Egyptian, Lebanese, Tunisian, Algerian, etc.).
Some countries, due to the colonial past, have French or English among their official languages, but not all the Arabic-speaking population is Francophone or Anglophone.
If you can speak French , you will not have communication problems in any Maghreb country in North Africa and Lebanon, since Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia and Lebanon were under French rule during the colonial period.
In Morocco , in 2010, 32% of the population spoke perfect French and 60% of Moroccans spoke Arabic; in Algeria , more than 35% of the population is French-speaking; 63.6% of the population in Tunisia is fluent in French, and 45% of the population of Libya is totally or partially French-speaking.
In other countries of the Arab world, Arabic is the most widely used language, but you will be able to function perfectly in English in Jordan, Dubai, Abu Dhabi or Egypt, being former British colonies.
Thus, it is recommended to have acquired a little level of Arabic before leaving because, although French and English have been present for 60 years after the decolonization movements, their percentage of speakers decreases as time passes.
Do you want to learn Arabic  in Jordan, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Egypt or Oman? The best way to achieve this is to enroll in an Arabic school in your destination, to take intensive courses!

What if speaking fluent Arabic was a stepping stone to a new life?: What level of Arabic is recommended to travel to Arab countries?

There is no level specifically required to travel to the countries of the Arab and Muslim world. However, it is undeniable that a student at level B1 or B2 (the levels of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages) will feel more comfortable reading and speaking Arabic than a beginner.
To learn the Arabic alphabet, pronunciation, grammar or writing, of course, you can learn before going to Palestine, Beirut or Marrakech. How? Consulting the courses on the Language International site, for example. What level of Arabic is recommended to travel to Arab countries?

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