What strain is real runtz?

    What strain is real runtz?

    Runtz is a marijuana strain by cookies and it’s also known as Runtz OG”. By crossing Skittlez with Gelato it’s made, loved with its flavor profile, and smells like a bag of sugary candy. We all know and love. It highly coveted hybrid strain from California. It has many names like Pink Runtz, Purple Runtz, Obama Runtz, and many more. This balanced essence strain is out of this world potency and flavor.

    Like many plants, the history of the Runtz strain also starts from California and has a complex profile and after taste. You can get the sweet and smooth smoke. It originates in Los Angeles. It debuted in December 2017. Runtz is one of the cannabis most famous monarchs. Runtz strain grows light and wispy. The plants are harvested at the end of September and they can reach the height of 180cm height. Whether you grow outside and inside 450-500 g per square meter.



    Its flavor is sweet and sugary. It has a complex profile. You get the sweet and fruity goodness. On the exhale it is creamy and smooth smoke vapors.


    The aroma of Runtz Cannabis Strain:

    It has fruity candy and sweets. Due to Gelato and Zkittlez’s flavor, its flavor and aroma are no surprise. Store the bugs in a smell-proof jar and if you want to discreet it in a bag. Every time you open the bag you feel the sweet smell of terpenese you open the bud jar.



    It gives you the strong psychedelic that lasts for hours. An immediate effect can create a wave of euphoria. You can feel happy and pleasant with this wave. By claiming the Indica effect the initial psychedelic buzz is followed. A pleasant mix of euphoria and relaxation provides by hybrid. It’s enjoyed in the afternoon.


    The feeling effects:

    Happy, Euphoric, Relaxed, Uplifted, and Talkative.


    The medical uses:

    • Stress
    • Depression
    • PAIN
    • Anxiety
    • Lack of Appetite

    The negative side effect:

    Dry Eyes, Dry mouth, Dizzy, Anxious and headache



    Vape Cartridge, Pre-Roll, Flowers, Sugar, and Live Rosin.


    The appearance of Runtz Strain:

    This plant can produce high-quality flower buds in terms of its aesthetic and aroma. With bright green and deep purple colors, it creates a striking contrast of heavy layer resin.


    Cannabis Strain Information:

    • Average: CBD level 1%

    Strain Type:

    • Indica
    • Average THC Level: 18%


    • Gelato x Zkittlez


    • Cookies Fam


    • Unknown

    Similar Strains are:                  

    • Rainbow Sherbet
    • Corleone Kush
    • Sugar Black Rose
    • Scooby Snacks
    • Master Kush
    • Candy land
    • Space Cake
    • GSC
    • Gelato
    • Bubba Kush
    • Sunset
    • Headband
    • LA Confidential
    • Organic Diesel
    • What strain is real runtz?
      What strain is real runtz?

    Grow Runtz Weed Strain:

    Its available regular and feminized seeds. Runtz is rare. It’s made from an original clone-only Runtz. Its phenotype match with hyped-about Runtz and one of its parents, it’s one of the newer strains in the market. It can be grown indoors and outdoors. Some said that it grows the outdoor produce better flavor and aroma is very good. The indoor grow plants are also good and perfectly fine. This hybrid has strong growth and has a hybrid body. As training and apical pruning, this strain has strong growth with a slender body.

    When you grow this hybrid make the low temperature and maintenance. This strain can adopt SOG or SCROG cultivation methods. It can also grow under the soil, Rockwool, coconut, or hydroponic systems.

    The growing deficiency must be intermediate

    Plant height: 4-6 FT.

    Period of flowering: 9 weeks


    Typical effects:

    • Relaxed
    • Sleepy
    • Hungry


    Common Usage:

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