What to eat in Porto?

What to eat in Porto?

Portugal has delicious gastronomy, and Porto was not going to be less. In the city, you will find good restaurants, very cheap prices and a wide range of dishes. Let’s see which are the most famous! and what to eat in Porto?

  • Francesinhas . The star dish of Porto! It is a sandwich stuffed with beef fillet, ham, cheese, sausage or mortadella and all this wrapped in cheese. Sometimes it also has a fried egg on top and can be served with French fries.

if you visit Porto and now you want to eat something special then it’s not a big deal here’s a guide on What to eat in Porto?

What to eat in Porto? The star dish of Porto!

  • Guts à Moda do Porto . It is a stew based on tripe and yellow beans, ideal for heating up in winter.
  • Bacalhau à Brás . Shredded cod sautéed with onion and chips. It also has beaten eggs, parsley and black olives. Do not miss it!
  • Bolinhos de Bacalhau or cod balls. It is the most popular aperitif in Portuguese cuisine.
  • Cataplana . A typical Portuguese dish that usually includes all kinds of seafood, as well as cod and more fish. It is very popular on the Algarve coast, although its fame has spread throughout the country.

Mussels, baked octopus, grilled sardines … Enjoy all the typical dishes of Porto! Here we also leave you some recommendations for charming restaurants where to eat or dine in Porto:

  • Taberninha do Manel (in Vila Nova de Gaia).
  • Dama Pé de Cabra (the best for breakfast).
  • A Tasquinha (good typical dishes).
  • Guarany Café Restaurant (one of the most famous in the city).
  • Café Santiago (awarded for having the best Francesinha of 2015).

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