What to study to be a military man?

What to study to be a military man?

Being a military is a dynamic profession that has the objective of guaranteeing the defense, security and well-being of Spanish society . Becoming a soldier or sailor requires a dose of passion, courage and, ultimately, vocation .


Entering the service of the Armed Forces implies a commitment to serving the country and citizens . It has access requirements that you will have to successfully pass.

The Spanish Armed Forces are made up of 120,000 men and women integrated into the Ministry of Defense. They are made up of the Army, the Navy and the Air Force .

When we think of a military man, we automatically imagine armed conflicts, but there are other functions within the military, the use of force only applies in exceptional circumstances .

Professionals in the Armed Forces are divided into:

  • Career military: They ensure the continuity and stability of the structure, operation and essential values ​​of the Armed Forces. Permanent relationship.
  • Military troops and sailors: They are the base of the Armed Forces , they usually have temporary commitments, being able to acquire the character of permanent when fulfilling certain requirements, and they will be able to access the status of career military.
  • Complementary military : They are officers who attend to specific needs of the Armed Forces. They establish their relationship of professional services on a temporary basis and can access the military career status by promotion.

How many places are published in Spain?: What to study to be a military man?

The places are published each year in the BOE (Official State Gazette) and are distributed among the Air Force, the Army and the Navy . For example, in this year 2020 a total of 3,650 places have been published:

  • Air Force: 800 seats
  • Navy: 620 seats
  • Army: 2,320 places

What is the salary of a military man?: What to study to be a military man?

Joining the Armed Forces provides you with good working conditions with a stable position and a fixed salary, which can vary depending on the military scale and the position you hold.

In addition, the base salaries are completed with various components and remuneration items.

A candidate in general military training receives a salary of € 359.55 gross per month . Once the time of military instruction is over, the student becomes a soldier and receives the full salary with two extra payments per year . The starting salary of a military man (soldier or sailor) in the lowest positions is € 1,016.62 gross per month .

Likewise, the salaries of the different military ranks are classified into subgroups that designate the base amount of the salary and the supplements that apply in each case.

Military salary supplements are applied depending on many factors and according to the rank of the position, for example there are employment, special dedication and seniority supplements and other concepts.

To consult all the information on the remuneration policies of the Armed Forces, we can go to the Official Regulations , where we can find out first-hand the official base salaries of Spanish soldiers.

The Ministry of Defense publicly declares what the salaries of the military are.

Women in the Armed Forces: What to study to be a military man?

In 1988, women joined the Spanish Armed Forces for the first time , which meant the modernization of the militia and a further step towards equality in the armies and the navy. Although it took 10 years to apply a principle of equality with all its consequences to eliminate any discrimination against women.

If we talk about family conciliation , the army has various integration and equality measures that allow women to make working hours more flexible and opt for certain exemptions in the event of pregnancy, childbirth or postpartum.

Troop and Navy: What to study to be a military man?

Troop and seamanship is an official training within the military teachings and that is based on the values ​​of service to the community, companionship and solidarity.

With the title of Military Technician, you will be able to ascend in the military ranks out, corporal first or higher, you can also promote internally in the NCO Scales or even change your body (Autonomous, Local or National Police and the Civil Guard)

Requirements for access to Troop and Professional Seamanship:

To be able to take the entrance exams through opposition to Troops and Seamanship, you will have to meet the following requirements:

  • Be between 18 and 29 years old , at most, at the time of joining the Military Training Center.
  • Spanish nationality or that of one of the following countries: Argentina, Bolivia, Costa Rica, Colombia, Chile, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Equatorial Guinea, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Dominican Republic, Uruguay and Venezuela .
  • Measure between 1.55 and 2.03m.
  • Not be deprived of civil rights.
  • Have no criminal record.
  • Not to be prosecuted, charged, investigated or prosecuted in judicial proceedings.
  • Not having been separated from the service or finding yourself disqualified from any of the Public Administrations.
  • Lack of visible tattoos with expressions contrary to constitutional values.
  • Have, at least, the Title of Compulsory Secondary Education (ESO) or Equivalent.

Selection process

The selection process is carried out in the regional Selection Centers and has an update in the development of its two phases from this year 2020:


  1. Contest: It consists of the evaluation of your general, academic and military merits through the corresponding accreditation. It will give you a grade.
  2. Opposition . It consists of carrying out an aptitude test, by means of a test of aptitude factors, verbal, numerical, spatial, mechanical, mandatory, memory and abstract reasoning, of 15 questions each factor. The objective is to determine which specialty is the best fit for your psychological profile.
Notification of the First Phase

Once the process is finished, you will sign the final application for places and the final score obtained. A selection of applicants will be made who will proceed to the second phase.


It consists of a medical examination, a physical fitness test, and a personality test.

Physical tests:

Candidates considered suitable in the medical examination must pass some physical tests depending on the position to which they aspire and their gender.

Long jump without running145 cm121 cm163 cm136 cm187 cm156 cm205 cm171 cm
Flexo arm extensions5385106138
Round trip5 periods3.5 periods5.5 periods4 periods6.5 periods5 periods7.5 periods6 periods


Allocation of Places

The places will be assigned among the applicants who have passed the selection process, according to the score and the preferences of each one of them. To find out the results of the allocation of places, we can consult the Sub-delegations or the Defense website.

The initial commitment of the military teachings of troops and sailors is  two or three years . During this period, technical training is carried out and the tasks of the chosen specialty are developed.

It is then renewed for periods of two or three years, up to a maximum of six. During this time, specialized training courses may be held for job promotion and incorporation into the NCO and Officer Scales.

After five years of service and until reaching 45 years of age, the long-term commitment is acquired. You can stay in the Spanish Armed Forces  up to 65 years of age .

How to prepare for the competitive exams?

To access the official Troop and Seamanship tests, you must be attentive to the annual calls. From Maestralia, our recommendation is that you choose a suitable training or a preparatory course for the Troop and Seamanship examinations .

Troops and Sailors

Campus Training

Troops and Sailors

The advantages of taking a specific course to prepare your oppositions are that all the teaching material will be updated according to the regulations and latest publications. In addition, you will have the teaching support throughout your training so that you continue to be motivated and learning the various aspects of the tests.

Choosing a school or academy will allow you to have the experience in the oppositions, they will carry out a personalized follow-up , you will be able to do mock exams and you will have training that will prepare you for the physical tests.


In short, if you want to fulfill your dream of working in the army, you must prepare correctly for the tests to be able to become a military. You will have to overcome the oppositions for Troops and Sailors that the Ministry of Defense calls each year.

The profession of soldier or sailor is rewarding for your dedication to the community and offers a stable and well-paying job. Your duties will depend on the division in which you work. Prepare the tests to enter the army. What to study to be a military man?

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