Where to learn Chinese in Seville?

Where to learn Chinese in Seville?

In Seville, unlike other big cities like Madrid or Barcelona, ​​there is no possibility of learning Chinese from school or high school. The only option to delve into learning the Confucian language is at the Language Center of the University of Seville.

The Chinese are fascinated by Spanish food: Where to learn Chinese in Seville?

With the rise of the Chinese population in Seville, the Seville University has established relations with the Middle Kingdom; The language center offers exchange programs with Chinese universities such as the University of Shanghai or the University of Hohai.
To make a language stay and travel to China at the lowest cost, why not do it through the University?
There are very complete university programs in Spain; You can also see the Chinese classes in cities like Madrid or Barcelona for example
Instead of going to study in China, you can join an association for free and develop your knowledge in Chinese conversation.

The Chinese associations of the Andalusian capital are: Where to learn Chinese in Seville?

Chinese School Sevilla
The Chinese House
Qu Yuan Cultural Educational Association
And remember that in Seville, you have more than 20 Superprofs willing to teach Chinese classes according to your level and address. What are you waiting to find yours? Do you dare to learn Chinese in Seville?

Your Chinese learning in Malaga

If you live in Malaga and are interested in the Chinese language , you have many opportunities to learn Mandarin.
Whether through the Chinese or Spanish community, there are several associations, language and educational centers that offer Chinese classes to discover or perfect the Confucian language.
In Malaga, there are dozens of native Chinese teachers who can make your level of Chinese go up like foam at the lowest price

Among the centers eager to teach you this curious language are:

The Chinese Institute of Malaga
The Huayu Academy
The Asian Culture Center

Language classes with a private teacher or in a group are always a radical way to progress quickly, especially with Mandarin as it requires regular learning of Chinese letters and phonetics in order to advance.
If you have friends in the People’s Republic of China, feel free to ask them if they can give you free Chinese classes, to at least see if you like the language.
Propose English classes in return; Sometimes the Chinese have some gaps with the Shakespearean language, especially when it comes to pronunciation, it costs them a lot!
If you would like more information about Chinese, do not hesitate to contact one of our teachers or the Chinese academy near you.

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